Zeel the Great.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


There is literally 5 billion fucking webpages and not a goddamn one can entertain me. I don't think I'm maturing. I just think you jokers are simply inferior.

I could run into an autistic kid and I'd just pass him up. THAT'S how boring it is to flame now. You guys make this like the Medieval ages, except I have a fucking Grenade launcher. SOMEONE bring up their game. Okay? I don't want to turn this into a rant about how I shit cakes and make women pregnant with my EYES. But jesus shit guys. What the hell is this. It's a damn shame when the "TROLL" gets bored of the trolling. YOU GUYS are just generic. It's just upsets me that real life is more entertaining than internet. real life is suppose to be mundane and uninteresting. And yet when I log on it's like LIFE v2, except faggier with no titties.

The worst part being.. there is NO ZEEL JR to continue on the legacy. cause all of you are shit. I would have to go in a time machine and have sex with my grandaughter to make a plausible Zeel replacement. Which isn't fucking possible because you shitheads are on the forum reporting me instead of making god damn time machines.


Fuck you teabaggers, I don't owe you shit.

Yes, it's been literally a month since I updated this blog and the only reason I got is I don't give a fuck.

So you say, why Great Zeel have you decided to update today then? Well, I'll tell you why. It's 2am and I swear to god. I hate YAHOO ANSWERS.

I am about to go to my bed, right. But I'm like, NOT tired. so I go to yahoo answers to read some of their stupid shit questions.. and I stumble onto something about "SECRET TO MAKING GIRLs LIKE ME EVEN THOUGH I'M ATROCIOUSLY UGLY AND POOR?"

and then I run into the most bullshit answers of the internet.

Answer One: it's the inside that counts! I have a sexy husband who has engaging green eyes and he makes like 50 k a year and I aint gotta work at the mall anymore, and it's all because of how FUNNY his knock knock jokes are.

Answer two: To be honest, you are fucked mate. Good luck.

Answer three: i bet my ass you are chasing super-hot supermodle girls. WHY don't u date plain jane. You deserve to be alone You fat fuck.

Answer four: girls aren't shallow at allllll! we find money and material possessions more important. :D

I then decide to search up... "Girl" and "Boy". and guess what I found? You guys are too obessed with getting into eachothers pants. Everyother question is "is s/he intersted?"

It's honestly really sad guys. However, I am here to help. Am I not merciful?

I am about to present to you the ONLY GUIDE you WILL EVER NEED TO PICK UP THE OPPOSITE SEX. It's worked like FIVE times for me.


Assess your environment: Understand that shit can happen at ANYtime. you gotta be prepared. Squirrel attack, cockblockers, sisters. BE ALERT.

Sexy Eye Contact Time: Just stop talking mid conversation and stare. If she gets uncomfortable, you're doing it right.

Sexual puns: Use a lot of unnecessary sexual adjectives. Ex. Hey, Jamie, can you pass me that screwdriver I need to plow the screw into the plank. I get very anal about it. Especially if the intercourse is done improperly, I get very testy. penis penis penis.

Endurance: you know how I fucking know who Lauren Conrad is? Because my nuts are tough. Learn to suck it up folks.

Confidence building: make sure you mention how awesome you are atleast twice a day. I try to sneak in how I am a potential NBA star everytime she mentions MTV. I think that's a nice balance.

Conan the Barbarian: Stop wearing shirts. Get a fucking axe. Yes, this is mandatory. Chicks like fucking vikings.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the baddest of them all?

Nothing makes me more sexually satisfied than moderators deleting my posts.

Oh yes, I'll admit I do dislike that they're removing my art. It's like having a diarrhea fit all over it. I mean, people deserve to see it, that's a very SELFISH move. Totally unfair of the moderators.
Think of it this way.

What if you were doing your homework, delayed' a little, you then come back to see Zeel banned and a topic closed. You'll be pissed, innit?

So in that retrospect, deleting is bad.

In the way that is good. Welll...

A feeling I cant explain crawls up my face and makes it to my mouth and I just get this chesire grin on my face. Somewhere, I KNOW, some moderator punched a wall

A new domestic case was opened.

bobo the clown just got run over.

Yes, what I ENJOY the most about when you fuckers delete my post is that well I' get some sort of gratification from your suffering. No, I'm not some type of sadist or masochist. I just like seeing you guys all bent out of shape over a few words.

I think the worst I've ever said was something along the lines of "bible thumping child touchers" (and we all know those two go HAND IN HAND). Anyways back to the point, yes. What exactly pisses you off so much, to delete? I must be doing SOMETHING right if you have to delete my post. Like someone said to me back on RMS;

GUY"Trolling so hard she quits?"
GUY"That's a strange talent, indeed"

Like guys, get over this victim mentality, I say some shit, and EVERYONE is offended. And for what? How do my flames generally go. Something between anti-conformism and anarchy, with a smug but adequate confidence.

Zeel: Your mother pre-ordered tickets to see New Moon and your ideas blow as much cock as she does.

You see right? it's not that bad. Oh sure, Twilight and the general fanbase are complete bubble-gum popping, dye-my-hair blonde, and substitute "like" for verbs, Jonas brother loving cunts. But if your mother was some sort of easily entertained monkey, I'd understand.

And trust me, that's plausible.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is.Go on delete my posts. But in real life no you can't delete people laughing at you, cause you're a moody Naruto fanboy.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

They aren't cool, and they weren't cool 5 years ago.

During a class this really hot girl was like "This is so soft" and I'm giving her a look like "Give me some of that moonshine" and I was about to vocalize my thoughts when I realized something. ITS ANOTHER TREND-WORD.

YOU KNOW those trend words!

They're moronically stupid and yet you can't stop saying it! That's the one! Well, let me introduce you to the new horribly stupid set of "trendy" phrases and words:

Epic: I knew it was uncool when a chick in my class called the season premier "epic". Omg laurn conrad haz ben rplce dis goin BE EPIX!

Faggot: Is this like the only demeaning adjective in the English language? You guys say it with such force to. FAGGOT! Like anyone gives a shit that you're using faggot. What happened to real insults? like cunt, gypsy, or gayspic? insults that grabbed you by the balls!

Anything 4-chan related in-general: What about an "internet" cult makes you think it's cool at all? If I have to hear "I AM LEGION" over 9000 times, I swear I'm going to be charging my lazer.

lulz: Are you fucking kidding me? Aren't we grown ass adults? WHY are we using "lulz" you know something is stupid when it ends in a fucking Z. Also "XD" and "LMAO" ">.>" are also stupid.

What does ">.>" even mean?

Typing out your actions: You know, when you're having a chat and then someone goes:

-having an erection-

and you're wondering why the fuck did they type that out?? It's because they're morons.

Fail: I realized I hated this word when during my food and nutrition class some wise ass was chanting "fail" everytime iI churned the batter incorrectly. Fucking hate that douche. Oh look at me, my name is Luckas and I know how to pronounce tarragon! Fuck you Luckas, I only took that class to help my average.

Like anyone gives a shit about churning anything.

Epic fail: yes, when you combine two catastrophically unfunny words, you get an unfunny phrase! Everything is epic fail in real life. You can't stumble without some 14 year old shouting "EPIC FAIL" it's gotten to a point where I have to look left and right before I come off the bus. Long story short I fucking hate that phrase.
Me:"it's November 13th today, right?"

moron who probably has the calender tattoo'd to his ass: EPIC FAIL! IT the 14th!
Shut up or shut up.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Anime Universe is in a Recession.

I'm the type of person who enjoys reading people slander anime, so when I googled "fairy tail Review" I was appalled that there wasn't a SINGLE review bashing this anime debacle. It's so easy. let's start:

Fairytail. Yes, it's easy to make a whimsical fail related name alteration, but I will not do it.

Ever watch a show, go for a piss break, come back and realize that the story has just dramatically changed? Only in fairytale can a story start with the main character coming off a train and end with a girl being sold into prostitution. Pacing! logic ! Beginning! Middle! Ending! Forget these terms if you want to watch fairy tail.

I've never been so confused and disinterested with fire breathing dragons IN MY LIFE! The story literally grabs all the cliches, stereotypes and generic characters and makes a fail-stew. The story is basically Ichigo, excuse me, Naruto, no wait, NATSU runs into hot bitch number 1 and she needs rescuing within 5 minutes of her introduction, Lucy they call her. Sounds like a hooker, which is probably the only thing this anime does right.
Oh yeah and they summon "monsters" with keys.

God help the Anime Universe, it's in some serious trouble.

rating: sucks


Natsu: When you're 9, you like to make chars as cool as fucking possible. Right? Meet the opposite. Natsu's hair is pink, he has motion sickness and travels with a talking cat named "happy". Even ichigo was cooler and his name was strawberry. This whole metrosexual bullshit that the Japaneses like to exploit is ridiculous. what happen to manly as hell characters? Who could rip phone books with their eyes and dragon kick you to the moon! Naw, we get Natsu, who, btw, breathes fire and still is uncool! That's a very awkward skill, indeed.

The cat: I'll tell you what I would of named it, "lame". As in this is one lame as hell character.The cat definitely doesn't make me feel "happy". It's like they designed this character specifically to piss me off. WHO THINKS a BLUE TALKING cat is COOL?

and he has wings.

I am not kidding. This show wasn't even trying to be coherent with this character.
btw looking for her picture, it took me until the 5th page to find one where she wasn't wearing a bikini

Lucy: Blond hot bitch who will be useless for the rest of the series. She also is amazingly wimpy. Amazingly, think of all the useless female chars through-out history, she will trump them by atleast 56%. Oh and by the way she wants to be a mage for some reason, considering she cant. A. fight. B. Defend. C. Run away. D. Use magic E. Contribute to the plot.

She would make a perfect candidate for the most powerful guild of Mages. If mages were pussies.
Which they apparently are, since she got in! plot hole again!

rating: sucks

Every 12 seconds there's an attempt at humour, and every 12 seconds they do not succeed. The humour is so forced, like hemorrhoids. They're constantly trying to make me laugh, not once did I laugh. What do they expect? do they think I find motion sickness funny? or guy-eating-super-fast funny? or how about Lucy being an oblivious whore? Do they think I find that funny? Infact my face had a permanent frown.

Rating: Super sucks

what pissed me off the most! They would take breaks MID-FIGHT to make some CORNY JOKE! "omg he's so hawt HES ON FIRE"
I don't want to hear lame Anime puns. okay? What do they call this shogo or whatever? People watch these shows for two things:
A. fanservice, by the way, this show succeeded, exponentially, in this aspect.
B. Cool-ass-fights

And when you give me a fight where the main character is floating in mid air as he does some sort of dance move, i'm asking myself, WHY AM I STILL WATCHING THIS? the fights, WEAK-SAUCE. The fights are basically.

bad guy: hey, hey, hey, i stole your girlfriend
Natsu: Hey, hold it! *does something moronic*
the bitch: NATSUUUU!!!!
Natsu: AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH! fire-breathing-stupid-as-shit-attack


There's a pointless build up, the fight last about aslong as it takes him to do that one move. Listen, fire isn't that god damn destructive, whenever I try to burn my 8 year old cousins toy, it takes for god damn ever, but in this show, fire is like the spit from Jesus!
Get out of the way! Natsu can breathe fire!

Oh and how can I forget, guess what the story is about?

Him finding his father.

Guess who his father is?

A Dragon.

rating: sucks, especially when Lucy is involved

Fairytail's Opening Theme
Japanese you cannot speak English, WHY the hell do you try? do you see me going ikadakitmus after meals? Or in my songs for that matter?

FAERY waroo gawing!

You know what they're trying to say? Fairy where are you going. How did I figure that out? I had to google the lyrics. It's just sad that they keep trying to slam a bunch of English phrases into songs that are 90% Japanese and targeted 100% to JAPANESE. and during the theme why the fuck are they turning around? Are they watching the morons who continue to support and view this show? As they turn around they yell "Oh yeah!" They must secretly mean:

"OH YEAH! you've been punked!"

And at the end of the incredibly long opening theme song it goes "and say good bye".

Also, also, there's some Irish-techno bullshit going on during the fights, I'm not having it.

Rating: not as suck, the Irish techno was cool in a way that it was different. Like fallout boy, i mean, if they were different and Irish.

super duperly bad! Do not watch. If you hear someone talking about it, start vandalizing shit in their house. We should not tolerate such crap in our American community and you Japanese still can't speak English, I'm not sure why you try(??)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thank god I'm a troll!

For the occasional flame I never asked for.
For the occasional IP ban, undeserved. oh! oh oh!
the invitation to shoot myself!
and my mother would have to clean the mess

I am blessed
with the ability to get banned in seven replies
Which only means I spent less time posting than configuring the clock time


Thank god I'm a troll!!!!
Every point I ever make will be in question.
Every ill that I must suffer, merely brought on by myself.
Though I will claim elsewise
But I'm a troll so no one will think twice


I'm truly privileged to be such an obnoxious jerkoff
Which only means my ban date is till two thousand and twenty-three.
and when I'm gone you will continuously bad mouth me
Thank god I'm a troll.

thank you, god!
oh, lord
thank you, god.

Oh, oh and when the gaggle of members appear on my topic
It's lucky I enjoy members telling me to "Stop it"
See, I think my ego would fall right through the cracks in the floor.
if I couldn't count on users to call me a "troll" anymore

I know my destiny's such, that I'm culturally intolerant
so everybody thinks that I'm a fucking stupid redneck!
thank you, god.

For the occasional warn, without posting.
For the occasional threat on my cellphone
invitations to get fucked.

Oh I'm blessed.

With the ability to get blacklisted!
which only means that I will be treated unfairly
don't try talking with them, no, that's uncalled for.
thank god I'm a troll

thank goooood
thank gooooooooooooooooooooood
thank you
thank you
thank you
thank you
thank you goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

Saturday, October 31, 2009


FUCK EM LITTLE COCKSUCKING BASTARDS. Why is it that everytime I log in I have to PRAY I'm not banned? WELL, guess what, there's no god.

I am fucking banned. YAY!

You do not even know how fucking hard I tried, i was actually, AVOIDING flames. AVOIDING THEM. If there was a flame-thermometer. I'd be on 10 degree's. THATS how tame I was. People were flaming me, but still, I TRIED my best to not confront them. AND STIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLL I was banned.

This is what happens when idiots get together, alone they are powerless, but as a mob, they are fucking deadly. You know how they got me banned?

Spamming the report button.

You read that right. "just report him guys!" ALDK:FKAL:KFLAKJFLAHFKAFH
FUCK you guys, fuck you guys straight to hell! What do you guys want from me? PLEASE, PLEASE TELL ME. I' couldn't have been ANY nicer and still THERES A PROBLEM. I guess I need to donate to charity and start a save the flippin' dolphin foundation to win your hearts. You'd think I was going around just ripping everyone.

I can't even begin to explain how much I wanted to flame them, you know when you wake up and smell like pancakes and sausage And you immediately jump out of bed? Well, that feeling x4.

I wanted to grab a fucking shovel and just bash the fucking brains out of these damn members. BUT I KEPT my COOL. AND STLL, STILL I am banned.

I wanted to bring a wrench to their nuts and use their fucking balls as TROPHIES! AND YET I KEPT MY COOL.

I wanted to fashion a necklace out of their teeths! BUT I REMAINED IN CONTROL.

It's a good thing you guys banned me. Because I'd fucking shoot myself if I had to endure anymore of your stupid posts! I'd bury myself ALIVE if I had to read one more post about selling AVATARS. FUCK your board, and fuck your members.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Those Evil Eyes

I was enterting the bus, I needed to get somewhere today. As I reached the top of the stairs, I met eyes with the busdriver. He had dark brown engaging eyes. They seem to assess me, and my backpack. Though he gave a cheerful greeting, his eyes betrayed the sincerity of it. Those eyes looked satanic. As I paid my toll, I realized, why those eyes were hateful. I knew, he knew.

"you're zeel"

"you sick son of a bitch"

That's what his eyes told me, they were the devil's eyes. Begging me to reign over the underworld with him, to continue his tyranny. But I would not yield to such wickedness. I threw up my hand! "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!" I yelled. "I AM NOT WHICH YOU SEEK!"

He hissed at me, then lunged at me, grabbing onto my abercrombie and fitch jacket "JOIIIIIIIIIIIN US" the whole world started to melt, "JOIN US" they chanted, it felt like every pedestrian in the world was chanting. "JOIN USSSS"

I backed up, but I could not break the contact I had with his sinister eyes. Then I found a seat, and sat down.

And would you believe it? That bastard charged me extra, said I had no proof of being a "student"

Friday, October 16, 2009

SliceRO, OdeonRO: Fail only has one name.

Okay, it's almost a year and if you know me, I have trouble memorizing my home phone number. So while the tale is still familiar let me tell the deed of SliceRO.

Otherwise known as FailRO (odeonRO) Somewhere in 2008, after getting banned on XecutiveRO (BIG UP!!) I decided to join a new community, and I decided to introduce myself in the most abrasive, obnoxious way possible. And from somewhere, I'm thinking a divine being, a thought of pure groovy-ness popped into my head.

KKK meets RO.


Until 2012 ( the end of the world if you believe the Mesoamerican calender) I had to do one hell of spin to get unbanned, mostly denying the existence of said topic, and vehemently denying anything to do with "troll". It worked, I got unbanned and released back into the forums. That lasted about 2 hours.

I was just being my typical Zeel (belligerent) self, so most my posts were like;

Zeel: Fuckity fuck-fuck, Mc'fuck! who's a fucker now!
Girl: "please stop all the swearing!"

I wasn't going to listen to some girl named "love" that's for sure. So, I was like.

Zeel: "You don't make da rules, bitch!"
GM Love: "I am a GM"
GM Love: you're so banned.

So I choose to take a week absence from the forum and headed ingame, and I tell you, when I was online, the population spiked! They all gathered to hear my gospels.

But somehow, somewhere, some buzzkill was making a report about me. I think the title was something like "Why the fuck do we put up with Zeel?"

By the gods of Valhalla, on that day, I was fucking Batman, a caped crusader of justice!

No wrongs went unpunished, if you had shit to say to me you better bring some A-game. I was doing some ole' law and order shit, I could of gotten fucking HITLER off on that day. I was bullshitting so hard, I WAS starting to believe that I was ACTUALLY innocent.

Finally when the curtains fell. The jury was out.

Zeel, Of the douchebaggery family, is not guilty! He will not serve any time. Yeah, take that shit to the bank, CYRUS.

Hold your applause my friends, the tale isn't over. Before I can finish up this post, it's important I introduce Rick.

Rick is an old Internet friend of mine, but you see.. Rick is the type of guy who causes crimes.
Yes, he's the "bad influence" type. Any action no matter how immoral, sinister, or detrimental to society, was only made WORSE by Rick's presence.

Zeel: Let's steal that car.
Rick: No, let's burn it.

Zeel: Zup, GM dear
GM Love: I'm not your woman so shut up.
Zeel: Wow, spunky.
Rick: Your his woman and he needs a Sandwich

Zeel: We are not racist.
Rick: hitler hitler hitler hitler

Rick, generally fucked up everything. No matter the context, if he was there, I WAS getting muted. Sometime during our holy sermons, someone PM'd me Shagg's forum account information, and well, it went something like this:

Zeel: Alright, just go in and unban me, alright, that's it? okay?
Rick: Just give me the password.
-5minutes later-
Zeel: FUCK RICK, all the sections and members ARE DELETED!
Rick: =[

To this day I DO NOT know how he fucks up shit so hard and of course I was blamed for the whole debacle and thus permanently removed from the forums and ingame.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Idiots in my Comment Section.

I need to add some kind of NO-FAIL policy, the amount of stupidity in these comments, it's MIND BOGGLING.

There's essentially three types of comments I get.

1. A competition with yourself in how much times you can use "fail" and "faggot" before the end of the sentence.

2. Unfunny-No-life-jokes, that lack originality.

3. A surplus amount of OLD 4chan meme's, that have no fucking place on this board.

I am so tired of these Linkin' park fanboys coming out of their mother's womb thinking they know shit cause they been around the internet for two weeks.

I remember when it was cool to sound literate. Since when did nouns become VERBS? IF another moron tells me I put too much effort in "cry". I swear i'm going to take a dictionary to his ass. and by the fucking way, Anonymous, for years to come? Aren't you a little hopeful? Years, Xilero? we are talking about the server ran by the mexican guy that serves me burritos and the transsexual prostitutes that likely has aids? we are talking about that dynamic duo, right?

A unicorn is more likely to come out my ass than Xilero lasting years.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mid- Flame Crisis

Why do I flame? Obviously I'm not appreciated.

NO SPECIFIED REASON: BAN LIFTED: NEVER. DO you see what I deal with for you pricks?

No matter how I do it, it always ends with me being banned. every forum I touch, BANNED. I wont delude myself into thinking I'm Santa Clause of Message Boards, but I've always tried to be nice to them' jerks. And somehow, STILL I'm banned.

They enjoy banning me. Unbelievable
I've come to a conclusion today... I am banned off almost every forum I touch. Is it possible that I AM a troll? I don't try to be a troll, no, no. I don't particularly enjoy when you guys make topics whining about my presence, or numerous e-threats usually followed by "i'm calling the cops". I'm just wondering why is this? Why is this happening to me? I feel, somehow, rejected? Absurd thought, I know. I feel.. like they don't want me. But, I don't understand why.

Yes, yes Insufferable jerk, and all that nonsense. But don't they recognize my greatness? Yesterday, I spammed Ratemyserver, bombing every topic I could, and.. YC deleted that. So I wondering, why? It wasn't particularly offensive. What don't they like about me?


I think I need to reform somehow, turn down whatever they find unpleasent about me. At first getting banned was a riot... But honestly, I'm running out of servers, they just keep BANNING me, and I'm like, whats left? Why am I not savioured for the Awesome that I am? I get it, if I'm like some pinoy. BUT I'M not, but they wont recognize me! This isn't just about Xilero or Ratemyserver, its just generally there tends to be some "hate-Zeel" disposition. And for the life of me, I don't know why.
GM's have to warn other GM's NOT to warn for no reason. Other-wordly, indeed.

I need to really consider why am I trying to educate you shits, thankless little shits that you are. You guys really piss me off, today. Another fucking ban, what the hell is this planet coming to. Obama just got a Nobel Peace prize, and I was thinking, why don't I get a motherfucking Peace prize? Why is Obama more special than me? Does he deal with fucking ants on a daily basis like I do? Does he have to symbolically feed the babies and burp them every morning?

Even on MSN, I get NO respect! That trifiling wench!

Does he do all that? Does he deal with BAN AFTER BAN, AFTER BAN! to be put out after giving your left nut to reform the place? Does he fucking deal with the 16 year old high school brats with internet MAGIC? NO! Obama does not compare to what I DO.

Someasshole closing my email account, by the way, this REALLY pissed me off

And what do I get? a slap on my ass, "see you later, eheheheheh". This whole society needs some tuning up and I'm tired of being the man to do the job.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Zero to Hero - How I got banned the 2nd time(DreameRO)

I don't really have time to introduce this. How I got banned in DreamerRO, (2nd time) Disney Style. GM Ellie = Hades. Hercules = Zeel (of course)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

EssenceRO -> The Essence of stupidity

FIRST and foremost, the server is pumped full of elitiest cocksuckers who spend most of their time offering their services in Prontera, while they bash their heads against the keyboards to type out garbled gibberish. The members can be summarized as Weed smoking rocketmen who spend their free time getting high. They are the definition of Moronic Community; They leak and constantly emit an odour of stupidity and vulgarity. As for the people who can't speak English, they manage, somehow, to piss me off more than the majority. Something upsetting about a brazilian running around yelling "Puta ur face" during WoE.

Oh and Yes, If you plan to play EssenceRO, give up WoE. It's A. Dominated by smug wankers who enjoy vibrating against the screen as they chant their "PWN" "OWN" absurdities through PM. Yes, these fuckers have a bigger EGO then me! B. The teamwork is terrible, I once participated in this Woe, aka, forget your balls and strategy, run to the emp. The Guilds here are like the Internet version of the KKK. "HANG DEM NIGGRS" is the only instruction you will be getting.

Yes, I once heard a fucking "CHARGE" in the middle of woe, while all of us were being fucked from the rear, as 4 guilds also tried that DAZZLING tactic of "rushing" the emp. yay for teamwork! EssenceRO you sure know how to make an enjoyable experience!

THE GM'S also manage to rape and anally probe you, while you are trying to level, it's like a fucking warzone leveling, the KSers move like fucking missiles through-out the damn screen. You'd be lucky to kill a monster, let alone several. These assholes make it a game of tag as they jump around to steal your kill and then PM you "sorry". Yes, SORRY. I'm sorry my foot cant go through the screen. Now through all this, The GM Team is enticed by the colour yellow and continue to spam your screen with messages. They must have mistaken this for breeding season, because the amount of fucking <3's and "lovu" I see on my screen, is atrocious. You cannot log in, without interrupting one of the GM's massive orgies.
"omg hai Sarah, u maek me hawts!"

WHY, PRAY TELL ME WHY is their personal crap being BROADCASTED TO THE ENTIRE SERVER? Do they think I care about sarah? do they think I give a shit about Sarah? I'd rather see Sarah in the ground, before I gave a shit about how she makes you hot.

RAH, the Fucking GM's, like sex-deprived teenagers, stop flirting through broadcast, stop announcing your feelings to me. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING? Throwing me EVENTS. thats what you should be doing! Setting up some bloody dice events, instead of "make love to me" events.

And another thing, the admin. GM TINA seems to be on a constant MENSTRUAL rage. You even look at this bitch. "U GNE! WHAT U SAY TO ME? UGLY? I UGLY U OFF MYZ SCREEN"
She'd a fucking wench! she needs to control her bloody emotions a little, everytime she was online, I made sure to stay away from her. She's fucking nuke you if she could.

You call da bitch ugly, its game over, she'd IP ban my mother if she could. But truth is, she looks like someone being beat daily and that smile reminds me of the crypt keeper. But hey, thats not my fault. Stupid emotional wench.

List of my internet fangirls

Alright I've decided to compose a list of the woman who drop their virtual panties within 15 meter radius of moi.

GM Love (SliceRO)
GM Nonie(DreamerRO)
GM Eala (DreamerRO)
Green (RMS and HeRO)
Hutchy (RMS)
GM Tina (EssenceRO)
Maii (SpiritusRO)
Rick's Sister (Shmaro)
Aya Fukino (only cause she's lesbian: shmaRO)
spoilersyoudie@hotmail.com (Descent's friend, I could tell she was into me, just by her words)

I'm looking for these females emails, if you have em, deliver.(Except nonies, I have her)

I've acquired, Aya Fukino and Green. Now, if only the latter one would add me.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

GM Nonie: why do I bother?

It's just fucking sickens me that this girl breathes the same air as me. I warned everyone that her excessive "niceness" was just a front, but ohhhh no, let's not listen to me, let's listen to GM nonie who looks like Frankenstein wife! I said she's a corrupt, two faces wench, I get banned. I warned you she was trouble, I get banned. So you know what, I'm just going to laugh now whenever she fucks you guys over, because thats what NONIE does, she fucks you over. She wiggles her way into "internet Friend" zone and then fucks you over like zombies looking for brainz.

She'll continue to join her little private servers, and by the way, I KNOW you're really 32, not 22, see, she lies about the stupidiest things, she'll even lie about her HUSBAND abusing her and some fake-date rape shit. She's the biggest troll dreamerRO has ever had, you guys thought I was bad? HA. Atleast I made my opinions clear, atleast I didn't run around double crossing people to gain Internet ranks. Atleast I didn't hack the server and give out personal information.
Atleast I wasn't a fictional goody-good, whose more like Count Dracula on a bad day.

Nonie and her friends can trash talk me all they want, but the reality of the situation is, GM nonie was just a GM out for her own personal gain, she didn't want to help, unless she directly gained from it, and she didn't care about the server, unless she directly profited from it. So yes, GM Nonie is just an image, a character she created to fuck you all over while blamming me.

You know why I got banned? Finally? Wasn't because of me being a jackass, nooooooope, its because she' needed me as a distraction. THATS RIGHT, she needed me to take the sights off her, while she ran around colossally fucking dreamerRO into the ground. As soon as Haze caught on, she couldn't even leave gracefully. she's a bloody monster, an wonky beast who can't seem to let shit go, even my balls she wont let go, AFTER SHE BANNED ME, she can't let anything go. She's still hacking that stupid server just so she can "help" Yes "HAHA" with me guys, she wants to help so she hacks the server.

Did I mention how unstable she is? Woman lies about "suicide attempts" Milks her own fathers death, makes up spousal abuse and now she just wants to "help". Yes, I warned you all, I told you
"dont let the unstable bitch near the scissors" so when you gave her admin access and she made you guys rollback, who's real fault is that? mine? is that MY fault Or is it yours? we call them Mentally insanse for a reason, you know, it's not a title for decoration, we use that to categorize the crazy bitches and the stay-away-from bitches. She's a combination of both. But I digress, I don't need to warn you guys anymore, apparently a warning is useless if it comes from these finger tips. I'll just watch as she brings on the Internet equivalence to the Armageddon.

Yes, Keep hiring her, yes she's perfectly stable and nice, yes, please do that.

Why RMS is a load of Grandma's saggy tits (And their Females are ugly, excluding a few)

Okay, I've got some spare time on my hands and I decided I am going to forever instill the corruptness of my banishment. It will shock and appall you.

Now some background to this story, I joined as Zeel back in march, after someone had written a topic slandering me, calling me "homophobic" "racist" and "prick" What a ridiculous notion? prick? Please, I guess disagreeing with your hipcats makes me "insufferable" huh? Well, anyways, I joined to defend my honour (Something most of you idiots have no fucking clue about) and then was "WARNED AND MUTED" because of it, apparently in RMS you are suppose to act like a tool 100% of the time. So, I was dismissed as "Egomanix Troll" "who lives with his mother in basement" (What a clever insult, I must say, did you guys pull that off your "Corny-Insults" rolodex, or what?)

Anyways, the ban was about 3 weeks, I had already said what I needed to, so it really didn't matter. So when the 3weeks went by, I decided to join the community anyways, I'm thinking this is the plethora of Ragnarok Private Servers, what better place to get out my message than at the center of the masses? Oh, how wrong I was. I would be better off painting my message on my body and then streaking in the subway station.

RMS in summary, is run like a fascist corporation, they do not care about your opinions, and the leader is a raging butch with a mean growl and several fleet of Nazi minions who couldn't decipher the alphabets let alone run a message board.

That being said, I got banned (within 5 posts, mind you) For "OFFENSIVE REMARKS" "HATE SPEECH" this is baloney! I was merely pointing out the hypocrisy of their moderator: Descent.

AND if that wasn't enough, they then framed me as the culprit for reporting GM FLOPPY TITS, and used that as "evidence" to ban me permanently. NOW, I WISH, I could go into it more, but this blog is getting long, so it'll have to wait for another time.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A little bit of Spice and everything nice

Thats what woman are traditionally made of, not this transsexual monster, she's been deleting my posts and bwanning my accounts. The funniest factor in this debacle is them spamming "U MAD" "U RAGE" over and over again, its like blood thirsty kindergardens. The satirical nature of this incident is that THEY are the ones with a 4page topic with their lame insults. I simply wanted to educate them in their hypocrisy and of course they BANNED me and decided it was ME who was upset.

I know upset when I see it, and our little Queen Matt seems to be the most upset. Tell me, How is that operation going? You sure are acting like a woman, I must say, did I hurt your fweelings? want to cry on my shoulder. poor thing.

And I guess this is your attempt to get more attention, doll. I'd say refocus to the steaming pile of corrupt and mediocrity of Xilero, and leave the badasses alone.

All my posts:

Hooligans have inflitrated the Board

Apparently one of Mitch's many lovers(and I do mean sympathy whores) found this blog and sent in the FRENCH gang, so now they seem to be bombing my Blog with their deluded, misinformed lies.

Obviously, when I told off the Transexual: Mattina, (Their unspoken Queen) that's when they got mad, and they brought in their calvary.

That's to say, they brought in the whinefactor. Now, alot of these animals seem to be going off on this "fact" bullshit. let me clear this up to all my fans. I do not lie. Everything in this blog is truth.

As for Xilero, you keep that Rainbow Festival to yourself, I'm officially banning the mention of "Xilero" on this blog. You might tolerate Xilero on your board, but I am as homophobic as it gets.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

BogusRO And Screenshots of LOL.

Member that project I mentioned, wellllll. It was a fake server called BogusRO. And since he'll whine If I don't mention it, it was KEELE's concept. but I totally delivered it. And yes, yes, what an amazing Prank it was. Such a shame it's done. As for my huge delay? school.

Suppose I should talk about the production, and I must say, very time consuming, as you can see, theres quite abit of posts there, and I had to fake those, and the bloody picture thread, all on my own. But it was really worth it, JUST to flame them assholes back in RMS.

And if you see that thread, you can see where I was like, I took hold of my awesome and warped it into an authoritative GM with some moxy.

I'll be trying to do this daily, but shit, i'm really running out of HATE and DESTRUCTION, oh and I gots some bigz plans for RMS. I'll talk about that next post. bigzbigzbigz:


That topic basically summarizes my genius.

Descent: Don't sweat it. We love douchebags like these guys.

Oh no, AN RMS TOPIC about OUR TROLL Server, you guys really can "handle" us. We learned our lesson.

Oh and yes, I played all of the bloody members, except, GM Hart and Bogard, which was played by my lovely gay lover: Keele. Yes, I know, my acting skills are hotz.

Forums: http://z3.invisionfree.com/BogusRO/index.php?showtopic=51


Friday, June 26, 2009

Sorry my Kingdom

I haven't been "busy" or any shit, but I am involved in a project, don't worry I'll share with you as soon as it's over.

As for now i figure I'll just bombard you with a bunch of awesome screenshots that i manage to get ahold of.

Man, this charm I WISH i could turn it off sometimes. The bitch all but caught me spamming, and STILLLL I got off.

That wasn't me. Keele, keele, keele.


I'll have to discuss this another time, but damn it was hilarious. Me and Keele emailed dis two faced wench, pretending to be her dead father. Damn we are ruthless.

Monday, June 8, 2009

DreamerRO - A whole new world

I just watched Aladdin today, and it reminded me of my experience in DreamerRO.

So I'd be Aladdin guy, the diamond in the rough.
Jasmin would be the symbol of complete utter control and domination of forums and ingame, where I rule as the unspoken badass of the server.
everything else in my way would be the GM team. Specifically Jafar being GM Ellie.

See, I'll admit the first time I joined DreamerRO just to harass GM Rihann and GM Ellie.

But the second time, I was just running out of populated servers, and dreamerro was spiking to almost 400 periodically. So I had planned on making it my new throne, or if you watched Aladdin, I wanted that bitch.

I think this nicely Summarizes how I got banned and how I got unbanned, the first time. Maybe later, I'll mention how I got unbanned the other 9times.

And that's how i got unbanned the first time. Visual aids are so helpful