Zeel the Great.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sorry my Kingdom

I haven't been "busy" or any shit, but I am involved in a project, don't worry I'll share with you as soon as it's over.

As for now i figure I'll just bombard you with a bunch of awesome screenshots that i manage to get ahold of.

Man, this charm I WISH i could turn it off sometimes. The bitch all but caught me spamming, and STILLLL I got off.

That wasn't me. Keele, keele, keele.


I'll have to discuss this another time, but damn it was hilarious. Me and Keele emailed dis two faced wench, pretending to be her dead father. Damn we are ruthless.

Monday, June 8, 2009

DreamerRO - A whole new world

I just watched Aladdin today, and it reminded me of my experience in DreamerRO.

So I'd be Aladdin guy, the diamond in the rough.
Jasmin would be the symbol of complete utter control and domination of forums and ingame, where I rule as the unspoken badass of the server.
everything else in my way would be the GM team. Specifically Jafar being GM Ellie.

See, I'll admit the first time I joined DreamerRO just to harass GM Rihann and GM Ellie.

But the second time, I was just running out of populated servers, and dreamerro was spiking to almost 400 periodically. So I had planned on making it my new throne, or if you watched Aladdin, I wanted that bitch.

I think this nicely Summarizes how I got banned and how I got unbanned, the first time. Maybe later, I'll mention how I got unbanned the other 9times.

And that's how i got unbanned the first time. Visual aids are so helpful

Sunday, June 7, 2009

There's no sense of justice in the world

It's like, they consciously decide to be hypocrites, so let me get this? your solution to a giant douche, is to be a giant douche? It's one thing if he wanted to come and bitch at me, I'd flame him a new asshole. But it's another thing when he's just abusing his dinky little moderate powers, he' can't even come up with official rules that have been broken, he has to sling some horse shit? Insulting members through PM's?

Oh, right.

Well maybe if you weren't a giant jackass, I wouldn't need to "insult" you through PM's. AFTER YOU INSULTED ME!
I'm not sure where he got this delusion that I was trying to 'take care' of him, but news flash, ITS A DINKY LITTLE REVIEW FORUMS, I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT STUPID MODERATORS AND THEIR E-LIVES!

"other accounts" my bad? Should I have waited out the permanent ban I got for posting in the wrong section? You think I'm kidding? Trust me, the little fool has been diving through hoops to get me banned. This is the same moderator who'll go "TROLL" If I'm such a troll you should have a list of REAL reasons to ban me, except you have to come up with this "double posting, perma ban" crap.

Xilero -> Where idiots gather

I started this server about.... age 16? And well, It was fun, nice PK, i didn't even touch the forums, till like 3months after I joined. I was new to internet mind you, so I actually thought that "opinions" could be shared, no matter how blunt it might be. Welll...

My opening topic was like
SinX's biggest noobs of the Universe
Which is a pretty tamed topic, for someone like me. Lasted awhile, then GM Stephan(More on this dick, later) closed it, and wanked about "EVERYTHING IS BALANCE, YOU JUST DONT KNOW HOW TO PLAY YOUR CHARACTER"

Such donkey shit, SinX's were instant killing fucking Lord Knights, HIGHEST FUCKING HP, INSTANT KILL. Shit was OP'd. Like they were dual-axe wielding Hitlers.

So, I took to the forums right? Posted abit, I was nice, or whatever, lasted a while, pretty long, now that I look back at it. Then some wanker came with this "QQ i'm leaving =[[[[[[["

Dude, I have to say, I was the first one to veiw that topic, and everrrryone knows, if you're the first poster, you break and make that shit. I put the first thing that came to my mind
"Don't come back, bye"


the members came out faster than I expected, some bullshit about kindness or some crap. HONESTLY, I didn't know the member was popular, I just did it, because it was too much whining in that post. You know when they do the, name members? and add alot of "<3"? " It was my duty to say "Don't come back". Shit hit the fan, and I got banned. Forums got hacked, I came back under "REMOVED FOR SAFETY" I should of added a King in there, but well I was naive at the time. I started out pretty big "Stephan can blow me" -He's corrupt Who's going to get banned first? -I bet it's me : D <---(I did that shitty smilie thing, because it pisses everyone off, even me) And then I decided, time to show these little shit's who's boss, I made probably the most controversial topic: Asians suck -you know they do My intent as their role model was to educate them about their double standards, and how that shit would not fly, suffice to say that topic had like 78pages of bitching, it SWAMPED the picture thread, and you know how much Picturewhorish every forum is. Eventually after 3 weeks of brutal domination someone got a clue and re-made the forums. I registered under "ehel". But since I didn't play anymore, I didn't see any purpose to remain there. Eventually some guy named Mitch banned me for calling Neiram( i guess his secret lover) a pedophile, He's 32 and playing Ragnarok Online? what am I suppose to think? he's playing for the "fun". Yeah, not likely. Anyways for my duration of charity, I dealt with some undercover chick named "Cool matty" i owned him so hard he considered changing genders.

FEMALE mind, how the fuck you have a female mind? do you enjoy dollies and fucking teas and biscuits. LOOOOOOOOSER

The Doctor took one good look at me..

slapped my ass and said "badass"
I nodded, I'm the only known badass from birth.

I've decided to try this blog shit out, but likely I'll ditch it, since honestly, already this is boring. But whatever, I'mma' keep my little Internet related shits, in here. So anyways, this is what happen

Birth -> eventually discovered MMORPGs, played, eventually discovered forums, eventually discovered MOD's.

Fuckin' Mods.

Okay, hmm: these are the RO servers I played, inorder

RedemptionRO -> Shitty little lowrate that was charging me to jobchange(20bucks), suffice to say, I blast that hatch and looked for others.

XileRO -> Played this for about 4months? Cool, Little PK server, yes I am talking about before they updated. Either way, eventually some little shit got the courage to ban me, and Boom, I left. Then the forums "somehow" got hacked and I went all 'dynamite' over that shit, blew that fuckr to peices. Then new forums came, and I joined, then, like 3months prior to this blog some asshole banned me again.

He's lucky that forums sucked anyways.


AncientRO -> Awesome server, the GM's weren't like 15 year old dweebs with constant rods up their asses, I didn't get banned, I just got bored.

SpiritusRO -> Thee best of allll of em, XileRO was fun, but spiritusRO wasn't pretentious, they didn't hire GM's that thought with their asses and looked worse. I played that for a good 4months. Some VERY noob guild was corrupt as shit and caused the server to close. Their Noob members had some bullshit excuse like "we wan' it wipe, das why we dupe"

But the head-man kept hiring them as "GM's". They got caught ecalling their guild. Noob as hell, I know.

LotsofcrappyotherserversRO -> short lived, most ending with "RACIST PRICK"

GatheringRO -> Run by harpies, enough said.

SliceRO -> Some real hot GM runs it, but she's a raging bitch, The forums got hacked again, after I got banned.

DreamerRO -> It touches my heart, but I had to leave em. The server was kinda boring, and so were the forums. But I'm a sucker for trying to improve crappy servers. So I stayed, for about 2months? Then I got banned "permentally" then I got un-banned, then i got banned, then I got un-banned. If you're wondering how I keep getting un-banned? Well, I knew the head GM-Chick.
She was outrageously hot for me. She kept doing it, I didn't even ask sometimes.

Now, I'm currently testing out servers, most of them are boring, I'm thinking I'm just getting too hot for these little shit servers.