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Monday, June 8, 2009

DreamerRO - A whole new world

I just watched Aladdin today, and it reminded me of my experience in DreamerRO.

So I'd be Aladdin guy, the diamond in the rough.
Jasmin would be the symbol of complete utter control and domination of forums and ingame, where I rule as the unspoken badass of the server.
everything else in my way would be the GM team. Specifically Jafar being GM Ellie.

See, I'll admit the first time I joined DreamerRO just to harass GM Rihann and GM Ellie.

But the second time, I was just running out of populated servers, and dreamerro was spiking to almost 400 periodically. So I had planned on making it my new throne, or if you watched Aladdin, I wanted that bitch.

I think this nicely Summarizes how I got banned and how I got unbanned, the first time. Maybe later, I'll mention how I got unbanned the other 9times.

And that's how i got unbanned the first time. Visual aids are so helpful

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