Zeel the Great.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

There's no sense of justice in the world

It's like, they consciously decide to be hypocrites, so let me get this? your solution to a giant douche, is to be a giant douche? It's one thing if he wanted to come and bitch at me, I'd flame him a new asshole. But it's another thing when he's just abusing his dinky little moderate powers, he' can't even come up with official rules that have been broken, he has to sling some horse shit? Insulting members through PM's?

Oh, right.

Well maybe if you weren't a giant jackass, I wouldn't need to "insult" you through PM's. AFTER YOU INSULTED ME!
I'm not sure where he got this delusion that I was trying to 'take care' of him, but news flash, ITS A DINKY LITTLE REVIEW FORUMS, I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT STUPID MODERATORS AND THEIR E-LIVES!

"other accounts" my bad? Should I have waited out the permanent ban I got for posting in the wrong section? You think I'm kidding? Trust me, the little fool has been diving through hoops to get me banned. This is the same moderator who'll go "TROLL" If I'm such a troll you should have a list of REAL reasons to ban me, except you have to come up with this "double posting, perma ban" crap.


  1. Why don't you come to RMS so you can really have something to cry about, you pussy.

  2. Trolling will get you banned on most forums. If you have not figured this out by now you are an idiot.