Zeel the Great.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

EssenceRO -> The Essence of stupidity

FIRST and foremost, the server is pumped full of elitiest cocksuckers who spend most of their time offering their services in Prontera, while they bash their heads against the keyboards to type out garbled gibberish. The members can be summarized as Weed smoking rocketmen who spend their free time getting high. They are the definition of Moronic Community; They leak and constantly emit an odour of stupidity and vulgarity. As for the people who can't speak English, they manage, somehow, to piss me off more than the majority. Something upsetting about a brazilian running around yelling "Puta ur face" during WoE.

Oh and Yes, If you plan to play EssenceRO, give up WoE. It's A. Dominated by smug wankers who enjoy vibrating against the screen as they chant their "PWN" "OWN" absurdities through PM. Yes, these fuckers have a bigger EGO then me! B. The teamwork is terrible, I once participated in this Woe, aka, forget your balls and strategy, run to the emp. The Guilds here are like the Internet version of the KKK. "HANG DEM NIGGRS" is the only instruction you will be getting.

Yes, I once heard a fucking "CHARGE" in the middle of woe, while all of us were being fucked from the rear, as 4 guilds also tried that DAZZLING tactic of "rushing" the emp. yay for teamwork! EssenceRO you sure know how to make an enjoyable experience!

THE GM'S also manage to rape and anally probe you, while you are trying to level, it's like a fucking warzone leveling, the KSers move like fucking missiles through-out the damn screen. You'd be lucky to kill a monster, let alone several. These assholes make it a game of tag as they jump around to steal your kill and then PM you "sorry". Yes, SORRY. I'm sorry my foot cant go through the screen. Now through all this, The GM Team is enticed by the colour yellow and continue to spam your screen with messages. They must have mistaken this for breeding season, because the amount of fucking <3's and "lovu" I see on my screen, is atrocious. You cannot log in, without interrupting one of the GM's massive orgies.
"omg hai Sarah, u maek me hawts!"

WHY, PRAY TELL ME WHY is their personal crap being BROADCASTED TO THE ENTIRE SERVER? Do they think I care about sarah? do they think I give a shit about Sarah? I'd rather see Sarah in the ground, before I gave a shit about how she makes you hot.

RAH, the Fucking GM's, like sex-deprived teenagers, stop flirting through broadcast, stop announcing your feelings to me. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING? Throwing me EVENTS. thats what you should be doing! Setting up some bloody dice events, instead of "make love to me" events.

And another thing, the admin. GM TINA seems to be on a constant MENSTRUAL rage. You even look at this bitch. "U GNE! WHAT U SAY TO ME? UGLY? I UGLY U OFF MYZ SCREEN"
She'd a fucking wench! she needs to control her bloody emotions a little, everytime she was online, I made sure to stay away from her. She's fucking nuke you if she could.

You call da bitch ugly, its game over, she'd IP ban my mother if she could. But truth is, she looks like someone being beat daily and that smile reminds me of the crypt keeper. But hey, thats not my fault. Stupid emotional wench.

List of my internet fangirls

Alright I've decided to compose a list of the woman who drop their virtual panties within 15 meter radius of moi.

GM Love (SliceRO)
GM Nonie(DreamerRO)
GM Eala (DreamerRO)
Green (RMS and HeRO)
Hutchy (RMS)
GM Tina (EssenceRO)
Maii (SpiritusRO)
Rick's Sister (Shmaro)
Aya Fukino (only cause she's lesbian: shmaRO)
spoilersyoudie@hotmail.com (Descent's friend, I could tell she was into me, just by her words)

I'm looking for these females emails, if you have em, deliver.(Except nonies, I have her)

I've acquired, Aya Fukino and Green. Now, if only the latter one would add me.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

GM Nonie: why do I bother?

It's just fucking sickens me that this girl breathes the same air as me. I warned everyone that her excessive "niceness" was just a front, but ohhhh no, let's not listen to me, let's listen to GM nonie who looks like Frankenstein wife! I said she's a corrupt, two faces wench, I get banned. I warned you she was trouble, I get banned. So you know what, I'm just going to laugh now whenever she fucks you guys over, because thats what NONIE does, she fucks you over. She wiggles her way into "internet Friend" zone and then fucks you over like zombies looking for brainz.

She'll continue to join her little private servers, and by the way, I KNOW you're really 32, not 22, see, she lies about the stupidiest things, she'll even lie about her HUSBAND abusing her and some fake-date rape shit. She's the biggest troll dreamerRO has ever had, you guys thought I was bad? HA. Atleast I made my opinions clear, atleast I didn't run around double crossing people to gain Internet ranks. Atleast I didn't hack the server and give out personal information.
Atleast I wasn't a fictional goody-good, whose more like Count Dracula on a bad day.

Nonie and her friends can trash talk me all they want, but the reality of the situation is, GM nonie was just a GM out for her own personal gain, she didn't want to help, unless she directly gained from it, and she didn't care about the server, unless she directly profited from it. So yes, GM Nonie is just an image, a character she created to fuck you all over while blamming me.

You know why I got banned? Finally? Wasn't because of me being a jackass, nooooooope, its because she' needed me as a distraction. THATS RIGHT, she needed me to take the sights off her, while she ran around colossally fucking dreamerRO into the ground. As soon as Haze caught on, she couldn't even leave gracefully. she's a bloody monster, an wonky beast who can't seem to let shit go, even my balls she wont let go, AFTER SHE BANNED ME, she can't let anything go. She's still hacking that stupid server just so she can "help" Yes "HAHA" with me guys, she wants to help so she hacks the server.

Did I mention how unstable she is? Woman lies about "suicide attempts" Milks her own fathers death, makes up spousal abuse and now she just wants to "help". Yes, I warned you all, I told you
"dont let the unstable bitch near the scissors" so when you gave her admin access and she made you guys rollback, who's real fault is that? mine? is that MY fault Or is it yours? we call them Mentally insanse for a reason, you know, it's not a title for decoration, we use that to categorize the crazy bitches and the stay-away-from bitches. She's a combination of both. But I digress, I don't need to warn you guys anymore, apparently a warning is useless if it comes from these finger tips. I'll just watch as she brings on the Internet equivalence to the Armageddon.

Yes, Keep hiring her, yes she's perfectly stable and nice, yes, please do that.

Why RMS is a load of Grandma's saggy tits (And their Females are ugly, excluding a few)

Okay, I've got some spare time on my hands and I decided I am going to forever instill the corruptness of my banishment. It will shock and appall you.

Now some background to this story, I joined as Zeel back in march, after someone had written a topic slandering me, calling me "homophobic" "racist" and "prick" What a ridiculous notion? prick? Please, I guess disagreeing with your hipcats makes me "insufferable" huh? Well, anyways, I joined to defend my honour (Something most of you idiots have no fucking clue about) and then was "WARNED AND MUTED" because of it, apparently in RMS you are suppose to act like a tool 100% of the time. So, I was dismissed as "Egomanix Troll" "who lives with his mother in basement" (What a clever insult, I must say, did you guys pull that off your "Corny-Insults" rolodex, or what?)

Anyways, the ban was about 3 weeks, I had already said what I needed to, so it really didn't matter. So when the 3weeks went by, I decided to join the community anyways, I'm thinking this is the plethora of Ragnarok Private Servers, what better place to get out my message than at the center of the masses? Oh, how wrong I was. I would be better off painting my message on my body and then streaking in the subway station.

RMS in summary, is run like a fascist corporation, they do not care about your opinions, and the leader is a raging butch with a mean growl and several fleet of Nazi minions who couldn't decipher the alphabets let alone run a message board.

That being said, I got banned (within 5 posts, mind you) For "OFFENSIVE REMARKS" "HATE SPEECH" this is baloney! I was merely pointing out the hypocrisy of their moderator: Descent.

AND if that wasn't enough, they then framed me as the culprit for reporting GM FLOPPY TITS, and used that as "evidence" to ban me permanently. NOW, I WISH, I could go into it more, but this blog is getting long, so it'll have to wait for another time.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A little bit of Spice and everything nice

Thats what woman are traditionally made of, not this transsexual monster, she's been deleting my posts and bwanning my accounts. The funniest factor in this debacle is them spamming "U MAD" "U RAGE" over and over again, its like blood thirsty kindergardens. The satirical nature of this incident is that THEY are the ones with a 4page topic with their lame insults. I simply wanted to educate them in their hypocrisy and of course they BANNED me and decided it was ME who was upset.

I know upset when I see it, and our little Queen Matt seems to be the most upset. Tell me, How is that operation going? You sure are acting like a woman, I must say, did I hurt your fweelings? want to cry on my shoulder. poor thing.

And I guess this is your attempt to get more attention, doll. I'd say refocus to the steaming pile of corrupt and mediocrity of Xilero, and leave the badasses alone.

All my posts:

Hooligans have inflitrated the Board

Apparently one of Mitch's many lovers(and I do mean sympathy whores) found this blog and sent in the FRENCH gang, so now they seem to be bombing my Blog with their deluded, misinformed lies.

Obviously, when I told off the Transexual: Mattina, (Their unspoken Queen) that's when they got mad, and they brought in their calvary.

That's to say, they brought in the whinefactor. Now, alot of these animals seem to be going off on this "fact" bullshit. let me clear this up to all my fans. I do not lie. Everything in this blog is truth.

As for Xilero, you keep that Rainbow Festival to yourself, I'm officially banning the mention of "Xilero" on this blog. You might tolerate Xilero on your board, but I am as homophobic as it gets.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

BogusRO And Screenshots of LOL.

Member that project I mentioned, wellllll. It was a fake server called BogusRO. And since he'll whine If I don't mention it, it was KEELE's concept. but I totally delivered it. And yes, yes, what an amazing Prank it was. Such a shame it's done. As for my huge delay? school.

Suppose I should talk about the production, and I must say, very time consuming, as you can see, theres quite abit of posts there, and I had to fake those, and the bloody picture thread, all on my own. But it was really worth it, JUST to flame them assholes back in RMS.

And if you see that thread, you can see where I was like, I took hold of my awesome and warped it into an authoritative GM with some moxy.

I'll be trying to do this daily, but shit, i'm really running out of HATE and DESTRUCTION, oh and I gots some bigz plans for RMS. I'll talk about that next post. bigzbigzbigz:


That topic basically summarizes my genius.

Descent: Don't sweat it. We love douchebags like these guys.

Oh no, AN RMS TOPIC about OUR TROLL Server, you guys really can "handle" us. We learned our lesson.

Oh and yes, I played all of the bloody members, except, GM Hart and Bogard, which was played by my lovely gay lover: Keele. Yes, I know, my acting skills are hotz.

Forums: http://z3.invisionfree.com/BogusRO/index.php?showtopic=51