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Sunday, September 13, 2009

BogusRO And Screenshots of LOL.

Member that project I mentioned, wellllll. It was a fake server called BogusRO. And since he'll whine If I don't mention it, it was KEELE's concept. but I totally delivered it. And yes, yes, what an amazing Prank it was. Such a shame it's done. As for my huge delay? school.

Suppose I should talk about the production, and I must say, very time consuming, as you can see, theres quite abit of posts there, and I had to fake those, and the bloody picture thread, all on my own. But it was really worth it, JUST to flame them assholes back in RMS.

And if you see that thread, you can see where I was like, I took hold of my awesome and warped it into an authoritative GM with some moxy.

I'll be trying to do this daily, but shit, i'm really running out of HATE and DESTRUCTION, oh and I gots some bigz plans for RMS. I'll talk about that next post. bigzbigzbigz:


That topic basically summarizes my genius.

Descent: Don't sweat it. We love douchebags like these guys.

Oh no, AN RMS TOPIC about OUR TROLL Server, you guys really can "handle" us. We learned our lesson.

Oh and yes, I played all of the bloody members, except, GM Hart and Bogard, which was played by my lovely gay lover: Keele. Yes, I know, my acting skills are hotz.

Forums: http://z3.invisionfree.com/BogusRO/index.php?showtopic=51




  2. 4chan meme's I guess being funny is out of fashion.

  3. Wait, you were funny once? Stop confusing "funny" with "pathetic", please.

  4. How do you little shits have the nerve to post on my awesome, cool board?