Zeel the Great.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

EssenceRO -> The Essence of stupidity

FIRST and foremost, the server is pumped full of elitiest cocksuckers who spend most of their time offering their services in Prontera, while they bash their heads against the keyboards to type out garbled gibberish. The members can be summarized as Weed smoking rocketmen who spend their free time getting high. They are the definition of Moronic Community; They leak and constantly emit an odour of stupidity and vulgarity. As for the people who can't speak English, they manage, somehow, to piss me off more than the majority. Something upsetting about a brazilian running around yelling "Puta ur face" during WoE.

Oh and Yes, If you plan to play EssenceRO, give up WoE. It's A. Dominated by smug wankers who enjoy vibrating against the screen as they chant their "PWN" "OWN" absurdities through PM. Yes, these fuckers have a bigger EGO then me! B. The teamwork is terrible, I once participated in this Woe, aka, forget your balls and strategy, run to the emp. The Guilds here are like the Internet version of the KKK. "HANG DEM NIGGRS" is the only instruction you will be getting.

Yes, I once heard a fucking "CHARGE" in the middle of woe, while all of us were being fucked from the rear, as 4 guilds also tried that DAZZLING tactic of "rushing" the emp. yay for teamwork! EssenceRO you sure know how to make an enjoyable experience!

THE GM'S also manage to rape and anally probe you, while you are trying to level, it's like a fucking warzone leveling, the KSers move like fucking missiles through-out the damn screen. You'd be lucky to kill a monster, let alone several. These assholes make it a game of tag as they jump around to steal your kill and then PM you "sorry". Yes, SORRY. I'm sorry my foot cant go through the screen. Now through all this, The GM Team is enticed by the colour yellow and continue to spam your screen with messages. They must have mistaken this for breeding season, because the amount of fucking <3's and "lovu" I see on my screen, is atrocious. You cannot log in, without interrupting one of the GM's massive orgies.
"omg hai Sarah, u maek me hawts!"

WHY, PRAY TELL ME WHY is their personal crap being BROADCASTED TO THE ENTIRE SERVER? Do they think I care about sarah? do they think I give a shit about Sarah? I'd rather see Sarah in the ground, before I gave a shit about how she makes you hot.

RAH, the Fucking GM's, like sex-deprived teenagers, stop flirting through broadcast, stop announcing your feelings to me. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING? Throwing me EVENTS. thats what you should be doing! Setting up some bloody dice events, instead of "make love to me" events.

And another thing, the admin. GM TINA seems to be on a constant MENSTRUAL rage. You even look at this bitch. "U GNE! WHAT U SAY TO ME? UGLY? I UGLY U OFF MYZ SCREEN"
She'd a fucking wench! she needs to control her bloody emotions a little, everytime she was online, I made sure to stay away from her. She's fucking nuke you if she could.

You call da bitch ugly, its game over, she'd IP ban my mother if she could. But truth is, she looks like someone being beat daily and that smile reminds me of the crypt keeper. But hey, thats not my fault. Stupid emotional wench.


  1. c00l st0ry br0.

  2. u mad? Post about it.

  3. that doesnt even sound like ero....wheres the hats n benches part?? WRONG SERVER!!

  4. hats and benches

  5. GM Tira*

    We don't want to post stuff thats not true, so I took the liberty to correct that.

  6. I needed this laugh so hard bro.

    Thank you.

  7. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go and bash your head to the keyboard to type out a similar garbled gibberish.

  8. Wow, your so mad. qq


  9. lol he probably met the 4 bros then quit the server.

  10. who's GM TINA?? never heard her name in the game..
    wrong server dude, get your ass in the game..

  11. lol noob post noobish here

  12. His ass got owned then quit eRO and posted about it! WTF DUDE! LMFAO!

  13. This is the most massive piece of shit blog I have ever read. You rant and rave about "literacy" and "bad grammar" when your grammar is far from elementary.

    Each of your points were not backed by any source of credibility (i.e. screenshots, videos, whatever).

    To anyone who reads this blog, I'd suggest disregarding the entire post because it only decreases I.Q. score.

    Thank you for this hypocrite. Go back to school.

  14. I am soooooooo tired of these punketts finding some little tiny typo and then going off the toilet about it. seriously, shut the fuck up. my grammar is, guess what? Ah-fucking-mazing. deal with it.

    and don't come on my blog and spread you crap. I dont harp on anyones 'bad grammar' or 'literacy' i just don't fucking care.

    So why don't you take your mini bitch fest back to your trailer park hangout and continue to waste your life there.

  15. @ This dude: "Each of your points were not backed by any source of credibility (i.e. screenshots, videos, whatever)."

    The hell would links to screenshots and videos prove? Seriously? Was your prime in life 6 years ago, when those things were slightly harder to fake?

    "Far from elementary"? Really? That could mean one of two things: He's extremely lacking in the basics, or he's far beyond the basics. The latter seems more likely in standard use. Someone needs to learn elementary definitions before they use such big, bad words.

    Disregarding the post: it was written months ago. Why you're even commenting...who knows.

    On that note, why would you say "decreases IQ score"? Just to use a fancy way to say "make you dumber"? How lame.