Zeel the Great.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

GM Nonie: why do I bother?

It's just fucking sickens me that this girl breathes the same air as me. I warned everyone that her excessive "niceness" was just a front, but ohhhh no, let's not listen to me, let's listen to GM nonie who looks like Frankenstein wife! I said she's a corrupt, two faces wench, I get banned. I warned you she was trouble, I get banned. So you know what, I'm just going to laugh now whenever she fucks you guys over, because thats what NONIE does, she fucks you over. She wiggles her way into "internet Friend" zone and then fucks you over like zombies looking for brainz.

She'll continue to join her little private servers, and by the way, I KNOW you're really 32, not 22, see, she lies about the stupidiest things, she'll even lie about her HUSBAND abusing her and some fake-date rape shit. She's the biggest troll dreamerRO has ever had, you guys thought I was bad? HA. Atleast I made my opinions clear, atleast I didn't run around double crossing people to gain Internet ranks. Atleast I didn't hack the server and give out personal information.
Atleast I wasn't a fictional goody-good, whose more like Count Dracula on a bad day.

Nonie and her friends can trash talk me all they want, but the reality of the situation is, GM nonie was just a GM out for her own personal gain, she didn't want to help, unless she directly gained from it, and she didn't care about the server, unless she directly profited from it. So yes, GM Nonie is just an image, a character she created to fuck you all over while blamming me.

You know why I got banned? Finally? Wasn't because of me being a jackass, nooooooope, its because she' needed me as a distraction. THATS RIGHT, she needed me to take the sights off her, while she ran around colossally fucking dreamerRO into the ground. As soon as Haze caught on, she couldn't even leave gracefully. she's a bloody monster, an wonky beast who can't seem to let shit go, even my balls she wont let go, AFTER SHE BANNED ME, she can't let anything go. She's still hacking that stupid server just so she can "help" Yes "HAHA" with me guys, she wants to help so she hacks the server.

Did I mention how unstable she is? Woman lies about "suicide attempts" Milks her own fathers death, makes up spousal abuse and now she just wants to "help". Yes, I warned you all, I told you
"dont let the unstable bitch near the scissors" so when you gave her admin access and she made you guys rollback, who's real fault is that? mine? is that MY fault Or is it yours? we call them Mentally insanse for a reason, you know, it's not a title for decoration, we use that to categorize the crazy bitches and the stay-away-from bitches. She's a combination of both. But I digress, I don't need to warn you guys anymore, apparently a warning is useless if it comes from these finger tips. I'll just watch as she brings on the Internet equivalence to the Armageddon.

Yes, Keep hiring her, yes she's perfectly stable and nice, yes, please do that.


  1. too much free time bro
    you should write a book imo

  2. Actually one is in the process. It's clear I'm a talented writer. Why not spread the love?