Zeel the Great.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

List of my internet fangirls

Alright I've decided to compose a list of the woman who drop their virtual panties within 15 meter radius of moi.

GM Love (SliceRO)
GM Nonie(DreamerRO)
GM Eala (DreamerRO)
Green (RMS and HeRO)
Hutchy (RMS)
GM Tina (EssenceRO)
Maii (SpiritusRO)
Rick's Sister (Shmaro)
Aya Fukino (only cause she's lesbian: shmaRO)
spoilersyoudie@hotmail.com (Descent's friend, I could tell she was into me, just by her words)

I'm looking for these females emails, if you have em, deliver.(Except nonies, I have her)

I've acquired, Aya Fukino and Green. Now, if only the latter one would add me.