Zeel the Great.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


FUCK EM LITTLE COCKSUCKING BASTARDS. Why is it that everytime I log in I have to PRAY I'm not banned? WELL, guess what, there's no god.

I am fucking banned. YAY!

You do not even know how fucking hard I tried, i was actually, AVOIDING flames. AVOIDING THEM. If there was a flame-thermometer. I'd be on 10 degree's. THATS how tame I was. People were flaming me, but still, I TRIED my best to not confront them. AND STIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLL I was banned.

This is what happens when idiots get together, alone they are powerless, but as a mob, they are fucking deadly. You know how they got me banned?

Spamming the report button.

You read that right. "just report him guys!" ALDK:FKAL:KFLAKJFLAHFKAFH
FUCK you guys, fuck you guys straight to hell! What do you guys want from me? PLEASE, PLEASE TELL ME. I' couldn't have been ANY nicer and still THERES A PROBLEM. I guess I need to donate to charity and start a save the flippin' dolphin foundation to win your hearts. You'd think I was going around just ripping everyone.

I can't even begin to explain how much I wanted to flame them, you know when you wake up and smell like pancakes and sausage And you immediately jump out of bed? Well, that feeling x4.

I wanted to grab a fucking shovel and just bash the fucking brains out of these damn members. BUT I KEPT my COOL. AND STLL, STILL I am banned.

I wanted to bring a wrench to their nuts and use their fucking balls as TROPHIES! AND YET I KEPT MY COOL.

I wanted to fashion a necklace out of their teeths! BUT I REMAINED IN CONTROL.

It's a good thing you guys banned me. Because I'd fucking shoot myself if I had to endure anymore of your stupid posts! I'd bury myself ALIVE if I had to read one more post about selling AVATARS. FUCK your board, and fuck your members.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Those Evil Eyes

I was enterting the bus, I needed to get somewhere today. As I reached the top of the stairs, I met eyes with the busdriver. He had dark brown engaging eyes. They seem to assess me, and my backpack. Though he gave a cheerful greeting, his eyes betrayed the sincerity of it. Those eyes looked satanic. As I paid my toll, I realized, why those eyes were hateful. I knew, he knew.

"you're zeel"

"you sick son of a bitch"

That's what his eyes told me, they were the devil's eyes. Begging me to reign over the underworld with him, to continue his tyranny. But I would not yield to such wickedness. I threw up my hand! "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!" I yelled. "I AM NOT WHICH YOU SEEK!"

He hissed at me, then lunged at me, grabbing onto my abercrombie and fitch jacket "JOIIIIIIIIIIIN US" the whole world started to melt, "JOIN US" they chanted, it felt like every pedestrian in the world was chanting. "JOIN USSSS"

I backed up, but I could not break the contact I had with his sinister eyes. Then I found a seat, and sat down.

And would you believe it? That bastard charged me extra, said I had no proof of being a "student"

Friday, October 16, 2009

SliceRO, OdeonRO: Fail only has one name.

Okay, it's almost a year and if you know me, I have trouble memorizing my home phone number. So while the tale is still familiar let me tell the deed of SliceRO.

Otherwise known as FailRO (odeonRO) Somewhere in 2008, after getting banned on XecutiveRO (BIG UP!!) I decided to join a new community, and I decided to introduce myself in the most abrasive, obnoxious way possible. And from somewhere, I'm thinking a divine being, a thought of pure groovy-ness popped into my head.

KKK meets RO.


Until 2012 ( the end of the world if you believe the Mesoamerican calender) I had to do one hell of spin to get unbanned, mostly denying the existence of said topic, and vehemently denying anything to do with "troll". It worked, I got unbanned and released back into the forums. That lasted about 2 hours.

I was just being my typical Zeel (belligerent) self, so most my posts were like;

Zeel: Fuckity fuck-fuck, Mc'fuck! who's a fucker now!
Girl: "please stop all the swearing!"

I wasn't going to listen to some girl named "love" that's for sure. So, I was like.

Zeel: "You don't make da rules, bitch!"
GM Love: "I am a GM"
GM Love: you're so banned.

So I choose to take a week absence from the forum and headed ingame, and I tell you, when I was online, the population spiked! They all gathered to hear my gospels.

But somehow, somewhere, some buzzkill was making a report about me. I think the title was something like "Why the fuck do we put up with Zeel?"

By the gods of Valhalla, on that day, I was fucking Batman, a caped crusader of justice!

No wrongs went unpunished, if you had shit to say to me you better bring some A-game. I was doing some ole' law and order shit, I could of gotten fucking HITLER off on that day. I was bullshitting so hard, I WAS starting to believe that I was ACTUALLY innocent.

Finally when the curtains fell. The jury was out.

Zeel, Of the douchebaggery family, is not guilty! He will not serve any time. Yeah, take that shit to the bank, CYRUS.

Hold your applause my friends, the tale isn't over. Before I can finish up this post, it's important I introduce Rick.

Rick is an old Internet friend of mine, but you see.. Rick is the type of guy who causes crimes.
Yes, he's the "bad influence" type. Any action no matter how immoral, sinister, or detrimental to society, was only made WORSE by Rick's presence.

Zeel: Let's steal that car.
Rick: No, let's burn it.

Zeel: Zup, GM dear
GM Love: I'm not your woman so shut up.
Zeel: Wow, spunky.
Rick: Your his woman and he needs a Sandwich

Zeel: We are not racist.
Rick: hitler hitler hitler hitler

Rick, generally fucked up everything. No matter the context, if he was there, I WAS getting muted. Sometime during our holy sermons, someone PM'd me Shagg's forum account information, and well, it went something like this:

Zeel: Alright, just go in and unban me, alright, that's it? okay?
Rick: Just give me the password.
-5minutes later-
Zeel: FUCK RICK, all the sections and members ARE DELETED!
Rick: =[

To this day I DO NOT know how he fucks up shit so hard and of course I was blamed for the whole debacle and thus permanently removed from the forums and ingame.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Idiots in my Comment Section.

I need to add some kind of NO-FAIL policy, the amount of stupidity in these comments, it's MIND BOGGLING.

There's essentially three types of comments I get.

1. A competition with yourself in how much times you can use "fail" and "faggot" before the end of the sentence.

2. Unfunny-No-life-jokes, that lack originality.

3. A surplus amount of OLD 4chan meme's, that have no fucking place on this board.

I am so tired of these Linkin' park fanboys coming out of their mother's womb thinking they know shit cause they been around the internet for two weeks.

I remember when it was cool to sound literate. Since when did nouns become VERBS? IF another moron tells me I put too much effort in "cry". I swear i'm going to take a dictionary to his ass. and by the fucking way, Anonymous, for years to come? Aren't you a little hopeful? Years, Xilero? we are talking about the server ran by the mexican guy that serves me burritos and the transsexual prostitutes that likely has aids? we are talking about that dynamic duo, right?

A unicorn is more likely to come out my ass than Xilero lasting years.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mid- Flame Crisis

Why do I flame? Obviously I'm not appreciated.

NO SPECIFIED REASON: BAN LIFTED: NEVER. DO you see what I deal with for you pricks?

No matter how I do it, it always ends with me being banned. every forum I touch, BANNED. I wont delude myself into thinking I'm Santa Clause of Message Boards, but I've always tried to be nice to them' jerks. And somehow, STILL I'm banned.

They enjoy banning me. Unbelievable
I've come to a conclusion today... I am banned off almost every forum I touch. Is it possible that I AM a troll? I don't try to be a troll, no, no. I don't particularly enjoy when you guys make topics whining about my presence, or numerous e-threats usually followed by "i'm calling the cops". I'm just wondering why is this? Why is this happening to me? I feel, somehow, rejected? Absurd thought, I know. I feel.. like they don't want me. But, I don't understand why.

Yes, yes Insufferable jerk, and all that nonsense. But don't they recognize my greatness? Yesterday, I spammed Ratemyserver, bombing every topic I could, and.. YC deleted that. So I wondering, why? It wasn't particularly offensive. What don't they like about me?


I think I need to reform somehow, turn down whatever they find unpleasent about me. At first getting banned was a riot... But honestly, I'm running out of servers, they just keep BANNING me, and I'm like, whats left? Why am I not savioured for the Awesome that I am? I get it, if I'm like some pinoy. BUT I'M not, but they wont recognize me! This isn't just about Xilero or Ratemyserver, its just generally there tends to be some "hate-Zeel" disposition. And for the life of me, I don't know why.
GM's have to warn other GM's NOT to warn for no reason. Other-wordly, indeed.

I need to really consider why am I trying to educate you shits, thankless little shits that you are. You guys really piss me off, today. Another fucking ban, what the hell is this planet coming to. Obama just got a Nobel Peace prize, and I was thinking, why don't I get a motherfucking Peace prize? Why is Obama more special than me? Does he deal with fucking ants on a daily basis like I do? Does he have to symbolically feed the babies and burp them every morning?

Even on MSN, I get NO respect! That trifiling wench!

Does he do all that? Does he deal with BAN AFTER BAN, AFTER BAN! to be put out after giving your left nut to reform the place? Does he fucking deal with the 16 year old high school brats with internet MAGIC? NO! Obama does not compare to what I DO.

Someasshole closing my email account, by the way, this REALLY pissed me off

And what do I get? a slap on my ass, "see you later, eheheheheh". This whole society needs some tuning up and I'm tired of being the man to do the job.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Zero to Hero - How I got banned the 2nd time(DreameRO)

I don't really have time to introduce this. How I got banned in DreamerRO, (2nd time) Disney Style. GM Ellie = Hades. Hercules = Zeel (of course)