Zeel the Great.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


FUCK EM LITTLE COCKSUCKING BASTARDS. Why is it that everytime I log in I have to PRAY I'm not banned? WELL, guess what, there's no god.

I am fucking banned. YAY!

You do not even know how fucking hard I tried, i was actually, AVOIDING flames. AVOIDING THEM. If there was a flame-thermometer. I'd be on 10 degree's. THATS how tame I was. People were flaming me, but still, I TRIED my best to not confront them. AND STIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLL I was banned.

This is what happens when idiots get together, alone they are powerless, but as a mob, they are fucking deadly. You know how they got me banned?

Spamming the report button.

You read that right. "just report him guys!" ALDK:FKAL:KFLAKJFLAHFKAFH
FUCK you guys, fuck you guys straight to hell! What do you guys want from me? PLEASE, PLEASE TELL ME. I' couldn't have been ANY nicer and still THERES A PROBLEM. I guess I need to donate to charity and start a save the flippin' dolphin foundation to win your hearts. You'd think I was going around just ripping everyone.

I can't even begin to explain how much I wanted to flame them, you know when you wake up and smell like pancakes and sausage And you immediately jump out of bed? Well, that feeling x4.

I wanted to grab a fucking shovel and just bash the fucking brains out of these damn members. BUT I KEPT my COOL. AND STLL, STILL I am banned.

I wanted to bring a wrench to their nuts and use their fucking balls as TROPHIES! AND YET I KEPT MY COOL.

I wanted to fashion a necklace out of their teeths! BUT I REMAINED IN CONTROL.

It's a good thing you guys banned me. Because I'd fucking shoot myself if I had to endure anymore of your stupid posts! I'd bury myself ALIVE if I had to read one more post about selling AVATARS. FUCK your board, and fuck your members.


  1. Complete lol
    But you're a douche who whines on his blog about everything bad that happens. Maybe things like this happen for a reason?

  2. I lol'd.
    You are a stupid dickhole.
    Honestly, if nice was defined as trollin' the fuck out of a forum then you definitely nice.
    GTFO of my internet dipshit.

  3. Well, DFOSource is a shit site anyways. No big loss.

  4. I wonder if you really are as stupid as you show yourself off to be...naw, you probably just enjoy trolling and making people think you're stupid.

    The cartoon was pretty stupid too. It makes YOU look like the bad guy, not DFO Source.

    And all of the DFO-related sites I've come across have been completely retarded. I just play the game and go to them FOR TEH LULZ

  5. Actually I want your ass back on dfos

    Its byfar srs bsns place

    its like"oh hey you wanna be popular on dfos? make a god damn mage or gtfo"

    Also dat comic is basicly my mood change

    We need more people like you back

    ~TODhaseo Subtle guy