Zeel the Great.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Idiots in my Comment Section.

I need to add some kind of NO-FAIL policy, the amount of stupidity in these comments, it's MIND BOGGLING.

There's essentially three types of comments I get.

1. A competition with yourself in how much times you can use "fail" and "faggot" before the end of the sentence.

2. Unfunny-No-life-jokes, that lack originality.

3. A surplus amount of OLD 4chan meme's, that have no fucking place on this board.

I am so tired of these Linkin' park fanboys coming out of their mother's womb thinking they know shit cause they been around the internet for two weeks.

I remember when it was cool to sound literate. Since when did nouns become VERBS? IF another moron tells me I put too much effort in "cry". I swear i'm going to take a dictionary to his ass. and by the fucking way, Anonymous, for years to come? Aren't you a little hopeful? Years, Xilero? we are talking about the server ran by the mexican guy that serves me burritos and the transsexual prostitutes that likely has aids? we are talking about that dynamic duo, right?

A unicorn is more likely to come out my ass than Xilero lasting years.


  1. Somebody didn't get his ba-ba today.

  2. By the way, fuck-face...ever get that e-mail of yours back?

  3. No, I didn't. I guess I'll have to make do with the other 14 emails.
    Fucking moron.

  4. That's okay. I'm sure they'll be closed too, just like your last one.

  5. Hey dumbfuck, XileRO has been around since '05. I think it already made "years".