Zeel the Great.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mid- Flame Crisis

Why do I flame? Obviously I'm not appreciated.

NO SPECIFIED REASON: BAN LIFTED: NEVER. DO you see what I deal with for you pricks?

No matter how I do it, it always ends with me being banned. every forum I touch, BANNED. I wont delude myself into thinking I'm Santa Clause of Message Boards, but I've always tried to be nice to them' jerks. And somehow, STILL I'm banned.

They enjoy banning me. Unbelievable
I've come to a conclusion today... I am banned off almost every forum I touch. Is it possible that I AM a troll? I don't try to be a troll, no, no. I don't particularly enjoy when you guys make topics whining about my presence, or numerous e-threats usually followed by "i'm calling the cops". I'm just wondering why is this? Why is this happening to me? I feel, somehow, rejected? Absurd thought, I know. I feel.. like they don't want me. But, I don't understand why.

Yes, yes Insufferable jerk, and all that nonsense. But don't they recognize my greatness? Yesterday, I spammed Ratemyserver, bombing every topic I could, and.. YC deleted that. So I wondering, why? It wasn't particularly offensive. What don't they like about me?


I think I need to reform somehow, turn down whatever they find unpleasent about me. At first getting banned was a riot... But honestly, I'm running out of servers, they just keep BANNING me, and I'm like, whats left? Why am I not savioured for the Awesome that I am? I get it, if I'm like some pinoy. BUT I'M not, but they wont recognize me! This isn't just about Xilero or Ratemyserver, its just generally there tends to be some "hate-Zeel" disposition. And for the life of me, I don't know why.
GM's have to warn other GM's NOT to warn for no reason. Other-wordly, indeed.

I need to really consider why am I trying to educate you shits, thankless little shits that you are. You guys really piss me off, today. Another fucking ban, what the hell is this planet coming to. Obama just got a Nobel Peace prize, and I was thinking, why don't I get a motherfucking Peace prize? Why is Obama more special than me? Does he deal with fucking ants on a daily basis like I do? Does he have to symbolically feed the babies and burp them every morning?

Even on MSN, I get NO respect! That trifiling wench!

Does he do all that? Does he deal with BAN AFTER BAN, AFTER BAN! to be put out after giving your left nut to reform the place? Does he fucking deal with the 16 year old high school brats with internet MAGIC? NO! Obama does not compare to what I DO.

Someasshole closing my email account, by the way, this REALLY pissed me off

And what do I get? a slap on my ass, "see you later, eheheheheh". This whole society needs some tuning up and I'm tired of being the man to do the job.


  1. Awwww, somebody's mad he lost his e-maillllll.

    Quick, get a sippy cup, the baby is crying.

  2. Start following the rules and you won't get banned.