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Friday, October 16, 2009

SliceRO, OdeonRO: Fail only has one name.

Okay, it's almost a year and if you know me, I have trouble memorizing my home phone number. So while the tale is still familiar let me tell the deed of SliceRO.

Otherwise known as FailRO (odeonRO) Somewhere in 2008, after getting banned on XecutiveRO (BIG UP!!) I decided to join a new community, and I decided to introduce myself in the most abrasive, obnoxious way possible. And from somewhere, I'm thinking a divine being, a thought of pure groovy-ness popped into my head.

KKK meets RO.


Until 2012 ( the end of the world if you believe the Mesoamerican calender) I had to do one hell of spin to get unbanned, mostly denying the existence of said topic, and vehemently denying anything to do with "troll". It worked, I got unbanned and released back into the forums. That lasted about 2 hours.

I was just being my typical Zeel (belligerent) self, so most my posts were like;

Zeel: Fuckity fuck-fuck, Mc'fuck! who's a fucker now!
Girl: "please stop all the swearing!"

I wasn't going to listen to some girl named "love" that's for sure. So, I was like.

Zeel: "You don't make da rules, bitch!"
GM Love: "I am a GM"
GM Love: you're so banned.

So I choose to take a week absence from the forum and headed ingame, and I tell you, when I was online, the population spiked! They all gathered to hear my gospels.

But somehow, somewhere, some buzzkill was making a report about me. I think the title was something like "Why the fuck do we put up with Zeel?"

By the gods of Valhalla, on that day, I was fucking Batman, a caped crusader of justice!

No wrongs went unpunished, if you had shit to say to me you better bring some A-game. I was doing some ole' law and order shit, I could of gotten fucking HITLER off on that day. I was bullshitting so hard, I WAS starting to believe that I was ACTUALLY innocent.

Finally when the curtains fell. The jury was out.

Zeel, Of the douchebaggery family, is not guilty! He will not serve any time. Yeah, take that shit to the bank, CYRUS.

Hold your applause my friends, the tale isn't over. Before I can finish up this post, it's important I introduce Rick.

Rick is an old Internet friend of mine, but you see.. Rick is the type of guy who causes crimes.
Yes, he's the "bad influence" type. Any action no matter how immoral, sinister, or detrimental to society, was only made WORSE by Rick's presence.

Zeel: Let's steal that car.
Rick: No, let's burn it.

Zeel: Zup, GM dear
GM Love: I'm not your woman so shut up.
Zeel: Wow, spunky.
Rick: Your his woman and he needs a Sandwich

Zeel: We are not racist.
Rick: hitler hitler hitler hitler

Rick, generally fucked up everything. No matter the context, if he was there, I WAS getting muted. Sometime during our holy sermons, someone PM'd me Shagg's forum account information, and well, it went something like this:

Zeel: Alright, just go in and unban me, alright, that's it? okay?
Rick: Just give me the password.
-5minutes later-
Zeel: FUCK RICK, all the sections and members ARE DELETED!
Rick: =[

To this day I DO NOT know how he fucks up shit so hard and of course I was blamed for the whole debacle and thus permanently removed from the forums and ingame.

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  1. Aha ha ha ha haha.
    When I read it I was like "wtf I din't evn play slice."

    Then I was like, "Oh shit. That's where I royally dicked the forums up."

    Was epic.