Zeel the Great.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the baddest of them all?

Nothing makes me more sexually satisfied than moderators deleting my posts.

Oh yes, I'll admit I do dislike that they're removing my art. It's like having a diarrhea fit all over it. I mean, people deserve to see it, that's a very SELFISH move. Totally unfair of the moderators.
Think of it this way.

What if you were doing your homework, delayed' a little, you then come back to see Zeel banned and a topic closed. You'll be pissed, innit?

So in that retrospect, deleting is bad.

In the way that is good. Welll...

A feeling I cant explain crawls up my face and makes it to my mouth and I just get this chesire grin on my face. Somewhere, I KNOW, some moderator punched a wall

A new domestic case was opened.

bobo the clown just got run over.

Yes, what I ENJOY the most about when you fuckers delete my post is that well I' get some sort of gratification from your suffering. No, I'm not some type of sadist or masochist. I just like seeing you guys all bent out of shape over a few words.

I think the worst I've ever said was something along the lines of "bible thumping child touchers" (and we all know those two go HAND IN HAND). Anyways back to the point, yes. What exactly pisses you off so much, to delete? I must be doing SOMETHING right if you have to delete my post. Like someone said to me back on RMS;

GUY"Trolling so hard she quits?"
GUY"That's a strange talent, indeed"

Like guys, get over this victim mentality, I say some shit, and EVERYONE is offended. And for what? How do my flames generally go. Something between anti-conformism and anarchy, with a smug but adequate confidence.

Zeel: Your mother pre-ordered tickets to see New Moon and your ideas blow as much cock as she does.

You see right? it's not that bad. Oh sure, Twilight and the general fanbase are complete bubble-gum popping, dye-my-hair blonde, and substitute "like" for verbs, Jonas brother loving cunts. But if your mother was some sort of easily entertained monkey, I'd understand.

And trust me, that's plausible.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is.Go on delete my posts. But in real life no you can't delete people laughing at you, cause you're a moody Naruto fanboy.


  1. You are still a raging faggot.

  2. Eat a dick faggot.

  3. Zeel still owns you both, bitches.

  4. I own Zeel more faggots.

  5. You're so 'original' and 'alternative'. Clearly people just can't take your pure controversial badassery. It's not contrived at all.

  6. If you didn't break the rules of the forums you post on your posts would not be deleted and you would not be banned.