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Saturday, November 14, 2009

They aren't cool, and they weren't cool 5 years ago.

During a class this really hot girl was like "This is so soft" and I'm giving her a look like "Give me some of that moonshine" and I was about to vocalize my thoughts when I realized something. ITS ANOTHER TREND-WORD.

YOU KNOW those trend words!

They're moronically stupid and yet you can't stop saying it! That's the one! Well, let me introduce you to the new horribly stupid set of "trendy" phrases and words:

Epic: I knew it was uncool when a chick in my class called the season premier "epic". Omg laurn conrad haz ben rplce dis goin BE EPIX!

Faggot: Is this like the only demeaning adjective in the English language? You guys say it with such force to. FAGGOT! Like anyone gives a shit that you're using faggot. What happened to real insults? like cunt, gypsy, or gayspic? insults that grabbed you by the balls!

Anything 4-chan related in-general: What about an "internet" cult makes you think it's cool at all? If I have to hear "I AM LEGION" over 9000 times, I swear I'm going to be charging my lazer.

lulz: Are you fucking kidding me? Aren't we grown ass adults? WHY are we using "lulz" you know something is stupid when it ends in a fucking Z. Also "XD" and "LMAO" ">.>" are also stupid.

What does ">.>" even mean?

Typing out your actions: You know, when you're having a chat and then someone goes:

-having an erection-

and you're wondering why the fuck did they type that out?? It's because they're morons.

Fail: I realized I hated this word when during my food and nutrition class some wise ass was chanting "fail" everytime iI churned the batter incorrectly. Fucking hate that douche. Oh look at me, my name is Luckas and I know how to pronounce tarragon! Fuck you Luckas, I only took that class to help my average.

Like anyone gives a shit about churning anything.

Epic fail: yes, when you combine two catastrophically unfunny words, you get an unfunny phrase! Everything is epic fail in real life. You can't stumble without some 14 year old shouting "EPIC FAIL" it's gotten to a point where I have to look left and right before I come off the bus. Long story short I fucking hate that phrase.
Me:"it's November 13th today, right?"

moron who probably has the calender tattoo'd to his ass: EPIC FAIL! IT the 14th!
Shut up or shut up.

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