Zeel the Great.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lives. Is this a foreign concept?

Honestly, you guys really need to go outside smell the flowers, engage in outdoor activities. Because this shit is not funny.

I don't even know which images got removed but I definately know. SOME BITCH decided to fuck with me and report a shitload of my images. You guys are sad. Just really sad. Does reporting ever do anything to me? please. Think, think, think. Does that ever work on me? A RESOUNDING NO. not only am I going to find out which images were removed, i'm going to reupload them and use them as my new signatures. LET ME remind you guys. I have been banned atleast 66 times, i'd say more if we are including forums. EACH BAN, i've come back. Each one. So here's a clue, reporting me, doesn't work. Get real.

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