Zeel the Great.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Girls dont like me because I'm "nice"

I'm so tired of girls complaining about their relationships and how their boyfriends are jerks and they cheat on them. Like, listen bitch? YOU PICKED a DICK. that's all there is to it and when nice good guys like 'us' try and-

Please cut this shit out sons. It is sad to see grown ass adults make excuses for themselves.
So you say "well girls pick out the stupidiest shitholes in history of existence" TRUE!
but, do not think her lack of judgment has ANYTHING to do with why she isn't shacking it up with you. "nice" means she isn't attracted to you. I wouldn't expect my broski to date a girl he isn't attracted to. I definitely don't expect the more superficial gender to date some funky looking turtle looking motherfucker. I understand rejection hurts, I mean, not personally, but I get the concept of 'rejection'. Anyways, rejection bad, hurt, painful. Deluding yourself, WRONG. THESE lies DON'T HELP YOU GET LAID!

And I tell you this because I care and I hope that the next time you want to throw up these stupid defense mechanisms like:
"girls don't know what they want!"
"Girls only chase the badboys!"
"Girls are insanely superficial!"
"I am a crazy dweeb-geek and deserve a girl cause inside i am very nice and kind!"

Keep shit in check brothers, you don't deserve anything. I'm not saying woman are hard work, because they aren't, but the inside isn't nearly as important as you think. INFACT as the visual creatures, we should know this more than anyone. DON'T waste your time on these platinum bleached blondes-latino-sexy as fuck- bitches that you KNOW would not even bat their fucking eyelashes at you if you aren't making 200k+. WHY waste your time on them? They are essentially 'Rejection inbound!' I don't... please, someone explain to me this? And then you guys come to me and bitch more than the woman.

I'm not saying get some count dracula looking wench. Just understand that woman don't care if you're nice. If that is the only qualifier you have in getting a woman. Enjoy being a bachelor, because, even my swamp looking Peter Griffin sized queer of a cousin wouldn't fuck with a "nice guy".

WELL ZEEL?!? what are we to do then?!! I WANT SLURPY SLURPY!!!
Now, here's where you can learn something. Usually girls would throw out crap like

but naw, that shit isn't even necessary. Though you should get a job you lazy ass-fart. anyways..


you know, I don't know how to go about helping you guys. In my situation i would just, well.
A. I'm a stellar looking pepper sauced knocker.
B. Funny as the moon is wide.

Chances are you don't have those above qualities.. So, guys..I don't know... Alcohol? seriously. I'm sorry. HMMM. a dog..?

You know what, i'll edit this when I think of something to help you out guys.


  1. Guys like looks, girls like success. You act like you have so much backing you up you can be a dick, girls like you. You act like you're some slave dog who has to lick her feet every chance you get, you won't. That's all it comes down to.

    Girls do prefer nice guys, but not at the expense of their success. Most guys only have one or the other, with girls opting for the non-nice. If you got both, though, life is sweet.

  2. Girls like success and LOOKS. They are willing to settle for any one of them

    Girls do prefer nice guys, but not at the expense of their looks. 'success' is like a hidden denominator, only when it's coupled by fame and some sort of talent is it in anyway useful. I know you don't want to hear this but even as your salary increases woman do not want to date you because you are ugly. They care about your looks first then your personality.

    Only shit you will be getting are those 19 year old stupid fucks or the golddigging cougars. If that's what you want. have at it hoss'. If you are ready to snatch a girl who might just like you for you. Start ditching that "MONEY GETS ME WIMMINZ" mentality and work on making yourself more desirable.

  3. Money won't get you chicks if you don't flaunt it. Looks do matter, but not to the same extent as success. That's a pretty common misconception guys seem to have really, and hence the drive to be buff or become metrosexual, while at the same time many a man with a beer gut or a "douchebag" look walks around with chicks.

    Poor dudes do too, granted, but that's only because they have the attitude of someone who has the cash. If you want a one night stand, looks are fine. If the girl is looking for a long-term partner, she's gonna want someone who has the cajones to take care of her kid, regardless of how pretty his face is. (Pretty faces are a sign of good genes, however, so they do have an impact. Chicks can actually tell how likely you are to take care of the kid based on your face, and there's not a whole lot you can do in that respect, so it's pretty shitty advice to tell someone to focus on fixing their looks first.)

    If you wanna get real technical, though, the big money lies in MHC-compatibility and the Electra Complex.

  4. Fuck your anecdotal evidence. Does it give you hope to see the ugliest fuckers of the universe with women? Don't celebrate yet, because, guess what?! I don't give a shit about the stupid crap you experience.

    let's keep shit grounded. Both genders are superficial and prefer the outside appearance above anything. Women are no exception to this. I know you see celebrities and wonder why these hot women would dates these guys. ALL you have to do is look 4 years in the future to see how quickly they divorce their asses and take away half the cash.
    The 'attraction' you are talking about is not even close to what REAL attraction is. What you mention is GOLDIGGING and if that is the type of woman you want. I have no problem with it. But your little 'salary' and muchos money isn't going to work on the majority of women. Guess what? Women like stability, but guess what they like even more? BEING IN LOVE. This cannot happen if they aren't attracted to you. The same way all the hot girls you know in real life have boyfriends with average salaries but stellar looks is the way, I KNOW the world works.

    Concise version: women are more attracted to looks than anything else and they will reject you if you do not reach their requirements. No amount of money is going to get you a 'legit' relationship.

  5. http://books.google.com/books?hl=en&lr=&id=SxX4gRzOS6oC&oi=fnd&pg=PA267&dq=women+attraction&ots=Bf4o7E2StM&sig=kPJLTs3O9wYCVWwnAWg3lePtCkQ#v=onepage&q=women%20attraction&f=false

    That book should have sufficient citation to back up my cases for you, and best of all it's public.

    Women like status. That is the underlying cause.

    No, I am not some ugly guy with wishful thinking, though I could say you are.

  6. Excuse the delay. Weekend comes, I don't usually give a fuck about education. I've read your book, interesting read. Before I flounce it, lets keep these things in mind.

    1. these studies are from 1975
    2. This book doesn't equate fact.
    3. The book itself is 1995

    Now, lets play. Your book does state alot of things about "status" and success. One thing you obviously skimmed over is when it states that "BOTH GENDERS care deeply about the physical attraction of their partners"

    both. both. This book goes on to say what women ALSO look for, or what they will substitute for ugly looks. So... like I said, women aren't looking for success above looks.

    Times are changing man. When a woman couldn't go out and get a career like a man, it made bloody sense to shack up the richest one. THEY now can go out get their little PHD and work for themselves. THEY are not seeking security from you, ANYMORE. Get over it!

    If you would focus a little bit more on your social skills and your physical attraction instead of putting all your marbles in a good career, you might just get a girlfriend.

  7. Not that getting a good career is bad, mind you. But if you think it will make you a casanova, you're wrong.