Zeel the Great.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Not tooting my own horn.. but

I have an amazingly sexy body. I just realized this again, today. My body is like an overly sexed up finely tuned machine. My body exists only to be touched and admired. I wake up (naked ofcourse) and I start wondering if living to retirement is really worth it. What do I gain? Some shitty ass titties and 4 whiny ass grandkids? No thank you. I LIKE admiring myself, that's what i LIVE for. To think.. for a moment that.. *gasp* i'd be looking at a body that looks like humpty dumpty. it sickens me. I know most of you guys are use to looking like the Kool-aid man. but I do not find that thought pleasant. It's hard to admire my body when it will be gone one day and some other new shit will have a body better than mine. THAT DOESNT SEEM FAIR.

Why do we even age? What a stupid fucking concept. After 25 our ages should just be frozen and everyone will be happy and we'd have less crimes in the world. Cause then everyone would be too busy admiring my body and my body-look-alikes.

oh by the way, a picture of my body.

Do you dream of that, girls? (and guys, unfortunately)