Zeel the Great.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


"maybe you should just kill yourself already, you lil retard"

I swear to fucking god this is the same person. Is that all you guys have? suicide yourself you little retard. Do you think anyone sane or insane would kill themselves over you? the fucker who manage to dodge abortion three times? When I see these comments I wonder to myself, does this child deserve to be fed more than the millions of kids in Africa? FUCK no. infact, i could probably make papermache out of the money wasted on feeding this haunted little soul and it would still have a greater purpose than your existence.

FUCK off. I don't enjoy your crap fluttering up my fucking board. One day I want to show this to my god damn grandkids and it sickens me to think that they'll have to ask GrandDaddy Zeel aka the Stomper this:
"why are they spelling 'more' that way zeel?"
"because their mother should of had an abortion"
(The fucking moronic abuse of MOAR. SERIOUSLY AND YOU WONDER WHY YOU'RE A VIRGIN?)

If you want to act like you are important and your opinion matters, do so off my board. I do not entertain your existence more than the deletion button you fucking twats. Holy fudgy nut bars you guys make me weep for humanity. To think somewhere, someone is missing out on education because YOU filled the seat.

Your comments do what Science could not.
Your total lack of significance proves that there is no God.

If he existed he would of eradicated you and nuclear bombed your mother's fetus, 15 years before your birth. Yeah, he'd pull off a TIME PARADOX just to make sure your existence isn't remotely feasible.

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