Zeel the Great.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm getting mad hate from every corner of my life.

I wake up, go to my fridge, we out of bacon. Hate.

I get up, try to log into my DFO source account, I get banned. Hate.

I go to my blog to rant about it, i see two new comments from two holy shittsters. Hate.

I go to my girlfriends house (soon to be ex) and guess what happens?
I'm playing San Andreas right ( I brought my ps2 over) and i'm doing that mission where you have to drop off OJ loc' to the burger joint. you know? the hard as an erection level? Keep in mind, i've replayed this level like 5 times now! Just as I'm about to getaway from the cops(three star wanted level)

HOTNOSE comes RIGHT INFRONT OF THE screen. RIGHT INFRONT. During the pivotal moment of escape (Getting into the car). She comes in and goes "WE NEED TO TALK"
and then i hear the "GET ON THE GROUND" from the screen and I know I've just lost two games.

the actual interaction went something like this:

Woman- "Are you busy? Because we need to talk"
Me- "FUCK!"...."I mean, sure princess."
"Dammit, I don't want to bullshit empathy for another 30 minutes"

At this point, i haled ass out of there, running as fast as water is wet. I left my ps2 with a probably ironic "BUSTED" message on the screen. hate.

Now I'm avoiding calls and emails and any female interaction with the woman until i get a game plan. Here's what I am thinking.

1. Fake heart attack or seizure. Always fun but hard.
2. Pre-emptive dump. Before she even sits down, i yell 'U R BEING DUMPED"
3. swamp her in compliments and hope to avoid the breakup until I can pull another flyer hotter chick.
4. cry in public. Yikes.

Yes and I don't understand why she is dumping me(ME OF ALL PEOPLE) but I AM NOT GOING TO LET IT HAPPEN.

hotnose = nickname because her nose is sexy as fuck. It's REDAWNKULICS


  1. You're so pathetic. Making up all these stories.

    How does it feel to know you are in the bottom tier of men in society?

  2. You guys have alot of nuts coming on my blog and telling me what I WRITE is a lie. I already defeated this claim. I WOULD NOT LIE ABOUT ME GETTING FUCKED. I do not do that.

    And i am certainly not the bottom 'tier' whatever the fuck that is. Who has time for your imaginary rankings. Stop commenting on my blog entries they are not for you.

  3. Well, for starters, why would you go posting something about this on the internet for everyone to see when you know you'll get negative reception?
    It's not everyday someone post different stories about there own personal life so don't go expecting that people will believe you immediately.
    You don't have ads or sponsors, so you don't earn anything by posting your "True Stories" so why bother? You're not getting any positive publicity by ranting how the world is unfair, especially towards you. Everyone feels that way, except in your case, you just can't accept it.
    You feel a need to prove your point which only leads to you being battered more by an online society. So I suggest you tone down a bit and try not to be so egotistic.

  4. He has to lie on the internet about having a girlfriend.

    This is so fucking funny.

  5. If only you guys could obtain a girlfriend. then you would realize why no one would lie about it.

    stupid losers.

  6. Seriously, you need a hug..Or maybe just a cookie...

  7. Go back to your grandma's house.

  8. No need to cry about it if you're embarrased. The Truth is right.XD