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Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Scientific Study on Education and Hot Girls

I was having a chat with my friend, some dude in life sciences and eventually we got to the topic of girls. I asked him, hows his 'situation' and he told me that.. and I quote 'the bitches be ugly'.

And i look at him like, "well how high are your standards? I cannot accept that there's no attractive female out of 300 people"

(Oh yeah, I don't use 'hot' to describe females. too juvenile. I use words like sexyfuck or stupendous)

He went "if i wanted attractive females I would of went to York"

(Playboy apparently did a study, it has the 3rd hottest women in North America. PURE HYPE. the women there are just as ugly as HIGHSCHOOL!)

this perplexed me even further, so I asked, "do you think hotness is relative to the institution? The more prestigious, the hotter?" He answers back with "the heavier the load the uglier the chick."

And i was like. "why is that? Surely hotgirls want to become Lawyers, Doctors and whatever the crap. This might just be your own bias, you assume nerdy chicks are ugly so they become ugly."

He rebuttaled with

"Deductive reasoning my friend but, I have seen those classes and ain't none of them bangable with a paper bag on their head".

I concluded.. "further research must be done!"

he retorted back "In the name of science!"

So I went to the internet, grabbed a graduating class picture and now we gonna do some study.

One of his claim is that the classes are like Yellow Mellow, shit is very asian dominated. I DIMISSED that, ASIANS are the miniority, how could they be more than 40% of the class? well...

As you can see, I divided this graduating class of Mechanical Engineering into race. (FYI, females were so rare they got their own race, purple. Which is not sexist)

Browns: 22
Blacks: 3
whites: 41
Asians: 30
Females: 7
TOTAL: 103

This photographer is such a racist. He packed all the asians in the middle, then spread the whites around and then put the browns on the left. What is he trying to imply? racist.

Anyways, the stats show us that for the miniority they kinda are doing their shit. Seriously they make up 30% of the graduating classs.. damn boy.

But, onto the serious issues, the nerdiness.

As you can see. Asians look really nerdy.. they make up about 60% of the nerdom, like damn. And trust me, i'm good at spotting nerdiness. About 80% of the Asians were nerds. Some of you might be thinking "duh!" I agree but it's good to get some factual evidence to the claim

Next, badassery. Like guys or chicks that I would hang out with cause they look so badass. I'll use devil horns to measure their badass. FYI, i'm not glassist. I just don't like dudes wearing sunglasses in broad daylight. Honestly, who are you? Fonz? You guys can't be my friends, bro.
Less than 5%. You guys are putting Engineering to shame.

Finally, the reason we started this crap.. "attractiveness". Keep in mind i was very lenient, if i was keeping these guys to MY standard. Only about two would have made it.
So.. They are no different than any other class. The fact that it's a sausage fest just makes all these guys look like extreme homosexuals.

Note: For some reason the photographer packed all the 'attractive' males in the front. JESUS! Engineers cant even get a break when graduating. Damn this superficial society!!!!!!!


  1. tl;dr

    no one cares

  2. Maybe if you considered getting an education. you'd "care"