Zeel the Great.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hate Assualt - Internet #1

It always amuses me how you kids can scribble down 3ish paragraphs ranting about my manners, but, yet, you're still repeating the 8th grade. I will say to you what I say to all the haters who continue to dodge death. You can elicit the center of my asshole.

Let me remove that self importance haze that shrouds your space, because, your email suggests that we are on the same level. Girl, you are not even in my field of vision. You were spawned when a pair of malformed losers crawled out of the abyss and vomited one super special little shit, who will become the biggest super special fungus to dredge the earth. I wonder where you gained such a misguided sense of balls? You must of hit the bong three times when you decided to come out of your cavern and try to attack the mother and father of all flamers. Monkeys look down at your ignorance.

Your existence is a constant reminder that the status quo exists. You probably hop out of your bed, take off your jammies and walk into an empty room where you stare at the walls until bed time. That is how innocuous your life is. Then, probably, your father strolls in with a look of utter dejection as he catches your mom, the twin-headed hydra writing "shoulda, coulda, woulda had an abortion" all over the dining room table. Finally, your brother is infinitely more successful than you. May your existence continue to bolster my existence and may mercy come to you very soon.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Worst Morning of My Life

10;41 am - I am peacefully sleeping.

10;46am - I am awake.

I had promised my friend that i would follow her shopping, this was not permission to be fucking annoying at 10am in the morning. I know of bunch of assholes are reading this and thinking dude '10am' what are you a druggie? No, FUCK you. I didn't go to bed till 5am because I was up doing important fucking things on the computer. The first attempt was the worst method of waking anyone up. The come in your room, yell and lecture you and piss me off attempt.

HERE I AM SLEEPING PEACEFULLY and this wench comes in my room and starts this STUPID-ASS LECTURE. "I thought you said you were coming with us in the morning" and she did this with fucking attitude too. like her life was tied to me following them this morning. (Yes, them, my mom just invited herself to follow us. fucking amazing right?) Then my mom, PUTS HER HAND ON HER WAIST and goes in this unnecessary tirade about being a loser and blah, blah, blah. In my mind i was thinking "WHO SAID YOU WERE COMING?A!?"

I do one of those loud ass grunts like "URRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHGHYGUUURH" to make her get the message. and she does, she leaves. I settle into my bed, all chillin, I could just sense how progressivily annoying this was going to get. and guess who was right? FRIEND comes in now, turns on the light "Are u coming??"
"yes, turn off the light"
"you said you were-"
I AM, turn off the lights"

she turns off the light, you see, my friend knows how to actually deal with people, my mom? Holy fucking banana cake.
She comes in next, and this is literally a minute later, turns on my light, pushes open the door and in this witch like voice goes "TiMe tO waKe uP" and she just brisks back into her room. I got up, turned off the light, then closed the door, then went back to bed. Keep in mind guys, I know these people, they wont be leaving out till 12pm and here they are wasting my time and their time trying to wake me up at 10;40am.

Then, the breaking point comes in, right after i GOT UP to turn off the light and close the door, she comes back in, not even 30seconds, i didn't even get the covers back on, she comes in and flips on the light "wAke on Shooooone". I felt like snapping her neck! And she said my name in that fucking annoying way, that way where she enunciates the imaginary 'o' sound in my name. FUCK that shit. And i'm livid at this point. in my head, my mind is just doing victory laps on her dead body. WHY do i even need a mom? I am alive already, she don't need to be alive. fuck this.

She won. I had to get up.

By the way, she didn't even cook anything. You know what would have gotten me up right away? the smell of a man's breakfest, sausage, bacon, some waffles, maybe toast bread. Nadda, i had stupid ass Cheerios.

Lastly, it's been 10 minutes since i emerged out of my room, and everyone is just chilling watching tv, i dont know what was the big ass emergency. They way they came at me it was like we were leaving in 10 minutes.

update; a few new images in the treasury

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flame Journey log #2

This will be my final log. Cause guess what? Shit was like banana fudge cake after my release.

I am reporting from the safety of my Hawkinator. My mind can't even comprehend what events followed.. and it's been three weeks. Upon my release I was let into their abyss of darkness. Their community of stupidity. Their topIx. Even then, as two guards lead me to their core I contemplated suicide. What i saw, felt, heard, and smelled is not a memory I enjoy reminiscing about. Before my release, i had spent my days of solitude devising a plan but at the time, the plan felt stupid, half assed, and arrogant. Obviously, i was meant to die here. The images were scaring, I remember witnessing these guys eat a babies head without ketchup.

The walk to the core was like a museum exhibition of lunacy. Everyone was insane and they talked mad shit. I remember this one member, this peasent, this insect, approached me and came in my face and called me a "maddox". I killed him on the spot with a swift punch to his mouth. The guards didn't do anything because that guy was annoying. We continued our approach, the walk was long. and slow. I felt like my head was going to implode. The sounds and sights of the place were becoming overwhelming and I just wanted to go to another planet and do some pillaging.

When we finally reached the heart of Mibination, my plan started to renew in my mind. It was now or never.

They had taken my weapons.
They had taken my pride
but most importantly, they had taken my time.

I screamed SUPER SAIYAN! and launched a Vegeta kick. you know that one he does in episode 16? I did that move on the closest little shit in my vicinity. This was my plan, beat the living shit out of everyone before the mobbz came.

And you know what?

They saw it coming.

The windows flew open and they came in brain dead drones. Here I was, taking out a member every three seconds, only to have a new one appear every second.The climax of eventually came, I did a backflip on someones nuts and then did a whirlwind spin kick on about 15 members. I don't remember what happened right after that exactly, but i remember this like knocking sound and then seeing the ceiling and even the ceiling looked stupid and then i woke up on my ship.

here are three gruesome depictions of my fighting moves.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Flow of Flare

download php there.

updated link

[quote]You guys are still stuck on this Flare shit? Jesus christ, someone has to be Flare. He can't possibly be the only moron out of the group of morons who has moved on? [/quote]

The answer is no. It seems Flare is the only moron who needs a pseudo identity. One that is entirely too pompous and seems like a bootleg version of Chris Kringle.

Hi, Flare. How's the weather in Tennessee? I was getting a little tired of this identity discussion. I thought we might have another Mattrina on our hands, lucky for us, your identity crisis is alot more simpler.

So, boom shacklackaboom, Zeel and Eleek head to the old forums to see if they can dig up some of Flare's posts. Guess what we find.

Flare in his prepubescent glory still checking out the old forums. april 2010. well damn that's fucking recent. Why the hell
would someone need to check the OLD XILERO forums if they don't even browse the current ones? thats bizarre as fuck no.
but definitely seems like Flare. He was always the obsessive little fucker.

Oh, but, that seems circumstantial. Flare17 could just be someother schmuck, not our beloved pussywillow THE ORIGINAL flare! WHO IS DEFIANTLY NOT FLOW

Oh nevermind. I'm pretty sure [b]flare17[/b]60@hotmail.com isn't a fucking coincidence. shucks!

Now that we got ourselves Flow's (flare) email we just go add him there. woah, vFlare? Oh look at me, I'm an obnoxious jerkoff and my name happens to be vFlare. Woe is me and my mediocrity

I simply google the modda fucker and we find an inactive gatheringRO with a queerass avatar. whats substantial about this avatar is the anime.

That shitcakes anime.

oh you know that one. the one that flow has beaten to death with his signatures/avatar and overall queerness of his personality? Well i'll be damned.
We have a link.
oh but this must be fucking coincidental

So, lets head of to myanime list, because every Otaku and their pet dog visit this site. Hmm. Flow.


Fuck. this one is inactive. i guess our entire case is debunked. shame.

Oh wait. look at this one. this "vFlare"


the peice da la resistant

Flow's post

Flare's Favourite character

flow's Avatar/signature's
Hei again

fucking hei

Note: Flow wanted to watch Technolyze, look whats mentioned in his anime list. Yeah, Technolyze. Look at the dates, yeah the same. THE SAME DATE.

One last pounder. because i'm sure the bitch hasn't quaked in pleasure yet.


Oh, no, no, no. This doesn't just show that Flare is viewing Xilero (and rating it five stars) but, right ON THE EXACT DAY that our beloved Flow arrives.

vFlare is registering a new photobucket ( i wonder what for?!!??!). I guess he was being smart here, cant use the same ole' photobucket and expect to have a different identity, right. What I'm still wondering is why this dude needs to be undercover? You remind me of one of those grandpas on Chris Hansen's show. get a grip son. this is scary the lengths you would go to deny association with yourself. I mean, I understand it, but damn boy.

Get a grip.

Well, what an adventure. I guess we all can finally conclude that our beloved moderator should be banned. because, according to his logic.
if you were banned over 3 years ago you should still be banned!!!!! and banned again! and again! and again!

Sorry, Flow. You were a cool guy (not really) but take your trouncing like a man and admit you're flare and if you do ban yourself, please try not to kill yourself. We know the only real identity you have is on this board but its time to grow a beard and live life outside the internet.

You were banned for ban evasion and the constant garbage you spew.