Zeel the Great.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flame Journey log #2

This will be my final log. Cause guess what? Shit was like banana fudge cake after my release.

I am reporting from the safety of my Hawkinator. My mind can't even comprehend what events followed.. and it's been three weeks. Upon my release I was let into their abyss of darkness. Their community of stupidity. Their topIx. Even then, as two guards lead me to their core I contemplated suicide. What i saw, felt, heard, and smelled is not a memory I enjoy reminiscing about. Before my release, i had spent my days of solitude devising a plan but at the time, the plan felt stupid, half assed, and arrogant. Obviously, i was meant to die here. The images were scaring, I remember witnessing these guys eat a babies head without ketchup.

The walk to the core was like a museum exhibition of lunacy. Everyone was insane and they talked mad shit. I remember this one member, this peasent, this insect, approached me and came in my face and called me a "maddox". I killed him on the spot with a swift punch to his mouth. The guards didn't do anything because that guy was annoying. We continued our approach, the walk was long. and slow. I felt like my head was going to implode. The sounds and sights of the place were becoming overwhelming and I just wanted to go to another planet and do some pillaging.

When we finally reached the heart of Mibination, my plan started to renew in my mind. It was now or never.

They had taken my weapons.
They had taken my pride
but most importantly, they had taken my time.

I screamed SUPER SAIYAN! and launched a Vegeta kick. you know that one he does in episode 16? I did that move on the closest little shit in my vicinity. This was my plan, beat the living shit out of everyone before the mobbz came.

And you know what?

They saw it coming.

The windows flew open and they came in brain dead drones. Here I was, taking out a member every three seconds, only to have a new one appear every second.The climax of eventually came, I did a backflip on someones nuts and then did a whirlwind spin kick on about 15 members. I don't remember what happened right after that exactly, but i remember this like knocking sound and then seeing the ceiling and even the ceiling looked stupid and then i woke up on my ship.

here are three gruesome depictions of my fighting moves.

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