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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Flow of Flare

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[quote]You guys are still stuck on this Flare shit? Jesus christ, someone has to be Flare. He can't possibly be the only moron out of the group of morons who has moved on? [/quote]

The answer is no. It seems Flare is the only moron who needs a pseudo identity. One that is entirely too pompous and seems like a bootleg version of Chris Kringle.

Hi, Flare. How's the weather in Tennessee? I was getting a little tired of this identity discussion. I thought we might have another Mattrina on our hands, lucky for us, your identity crisis is alot more simpler.

So, boom shacklackaboom, Zeel and Eleek head to the old forums to see if they can dig up some of Flare's posts. Guess what we find.

Flare in his prepubescent glory still checking out the old forums. april 2010. well damn that's fucking recent. Why the hell
would someone need to check the OLD XILERO forums if they don't even browse the current ones? thats bizarre as fuck no.
but definitely seems like Flare. He was always the obsessive little fucker.

Oh, but, that seems circumstantial. Flare17 could just be someother schmuck, not our beloved pussywillow THE ORIGINAL flare! WHO IS DEFIANTLY NOT FLOW

Oh nevermind. I'm pretty sure [b]flare17[/b]60@hotmail.com isn't a fucking coincidence. shucks!

Now that we got ourselves Flow's (flare) email we just go add him there. woah, vFlare? Oh look at me, I'm an obnoxious jerkoff and my name happens to be vFlare. Woe is me and my mediocrity

I simply google the modda fucker and we find an inactive gatheringRO with a queerass avatar. whats substantial about this avatar is the anime.

That shitcakes anime.

oh you know that one. the one that flow has beaten to death with his signatures/avatar and overall queerness of his personality? Well i'll be damned.
We have a link.
oh but this must be fucking coincidental

So, lets head of to myanime list, because every Otaku and their pet dog visit this site. Hmm. Flow.


Fuck. this one is inactive. i guess our entire case is debunked. shame.

Oh wait. look at this one. this "vFlare"


the peice da la resistant

Flow's post

Flare's Favourite character

flow's Avatar/signature's
Hei again

fucking hei

Note: Flow wanted to watch Technolyze, look whats mentioned in his anime list. Yeah, Technolyze. Look at the dates, yeah the same. THE SAME DATE.

One last pounder. because i'm sure the bitch hasn't quaked in pleasure yet.


Oh, no, no, no. This doesn't just show that Flare is viewing Xilero (and rating it five stars) but, right ON THE EXACT DAY that our beloved Flow arrives.

vFlare is registering a new photobucket ( i wonder what for?!!??!). I guess he was being smart here, cant use the same ole' photobucket and expect to have a different identity, right. What I'm still wondering is why this dude needs to be undercover? You remind me of one of those grandpas on Chris Hansen's show. get a grip son. this is scary the lengths you would go to deny association with yourself. I mean, I understand it, but damn boy.

Get a grip.

Well, what an adventure. I guess we all can finally conclude that our beloved moderator should be banned. because, according to his logic.
if you were banned over 3 years ago you should still be banned!!!!! and banned again! and again! and again!

Sorry, Flow. You were a cool guy (not really) but take your trouncing like a man and admit you're flare and if you do ban yourself, please try not to kill yourself. We know the only real identity you have is on this board but its time to grow a beard and live life outside the internet.

You were banned for ban evasion and the constant garbage you spew.



  1. Ace detective work.

    I think we should try for an official job.

  2. I give Matty props, at least he came out and admitted that he believed his female mind was stuck in a man's body. That took balls.

    This guy cant even admit who he really was.

  3. Here lies Flow. Buried under the weight of his lies.

    Rest in peace you stupid fucker.

  4. Excellent work. Beyond hilarious, in my opinion.

    The moment Jesse called him out, which was the week he signed up, I knew it was him. This kid constantly denies who he used to be. My guess? Probably because he's known as that guy who shit his pants. Oh how I wish we had the old forums around, because Volt posted the chat logs and everything.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  5. Oh what is this thing about Matty you speak about o.o


  7. Dude... your awesome...
    Be my mentor? ;_;

  8. I decided to wait on this for a bit. Just to get a better view on things.

    Flare lives in Tenn.

    I got Flow's IP through forum access of being a MOD. Looked it up. To my knowledge it said Tenn.

    When we convicted Flow, he said we must've bumped his proxy. I thought that could be a possibility, so I waited until now.

    He must have a cheap Proxy for it to stay on the same IP for more than month now. Supposedly all Proxies refresh to a new IP. This one hasn't in a while.