Zeel the Great.

Friday, November 5, 2010

3 hour long classes each.

Our school is full of rejects and misfits. Today, i was on the computer during one of my blessed breaks and i was sitting in the library minding my own business. When this guy comes weilding a ball of yarn and starts wrapping yarn over all the objects around me. I was like, "excuse me, what the fuck are you doing?"
answer?.. social commentary.

Only in an art school can you get away with that shit on PUBLIC. TUTION FUNDED. PROPERTIES.

Then i had to return to class and i always attract some fat bitch with the loudest bag of sour patch candies. WHO is always in my hearing radius. Also, moving off topic, why do these girls think its okay to dress like its their last day alive? I've seen, one, a bitch with pink hair. Two, a bitch with 'thrased' stockings in the middle of winter and finally, some girl was wearing a indian headdress like it was a legit fashion accessory. Everyone here think its their duty to dress as atricious as possible.
Lets not forget to mention the courses. The whole doing the preliminary crap. I mean, come on. I'm a fucking magician when it comes to drawing circles, can we move on? do we need 3 weeks of practicing drawing funky little shapes. FUCK this, I didn't fork over a portion of my liver in money to do crap i've done in grade 4. TEACH me pr0feshinnuAl stuff.

Did i mention how pretentious everyone is? Some dude like in the middle of critique was like "because i am a freelancer graphic slash designer, i know that there is no perfect white, only the white of a paper"

Well shit, why arent you the professor? I hate that dude. FUCK him. I have like 6 people i've never talked to but i hate them, they are annoying and if i had to a crane, i'd make their deaths as public and painful as possible. constantly griping on shit. ALL the whining is just overwheliming. everywhere. everyday. by everyone. it's like im stuck in some time compression, where nothing gets out, nothing grows, nothing changes and everyone is devoid of intelligence.

And we have this new wall, where you can write 'why are you studying art' and some asshat was like 'cause i want do art not essays' GET A FUCKING GRIP GUYS. Why don't you do drugs then? SHIT. STUPID STUPID STUPID.