Zeel the Great.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bioware Forums: Surrender All Thought.

I was waiting out my ban yet again and in my spare time, I was thinking about my posts. I remember thinking "damn, there isn't a topic that i've posted in, that some douche didnt waddle in and scream TROLL" as loud as they could. Sometimes multiple times per topic. So of course that got me thinking. What about my posts are so bloody trollish. Then I did some introspection. maybe I need to be gentler with my opinion, kind, less aggressive. Then I read this.

quote by Raanz = I like the idea of MP, the way they have described it so far, but I'm sorry, Prince Zeel has every right to express his displeasure. He/she is no different then a lot of the posters on these boards who whine and complain when they don't get something they want, or they feel their demograph has been slighted or in the very eloquent phrasing "screwed".

Some of you should just ignore and refrain from the urge to try and be cute and provide an attempt at a witty retort. (hmm, kind of like my post just attempted).

That's right. I'm not in the wrong. You guys are.

Why is that these bumbling idiots are allowed to indiscriminately attack everything and or anyone when people are against their ideas? They are allowed to slander you, with hate terms. Bigots, homophobes, racist, sexist, every label that shouldn't be used lightly. That's their basic vocabulary. How about them hopping into your topics, posting their images, provoking flames, yet cry as soon as it gets heated?

But yet, you put them in their place and you're the bloody troll. You throw out LOGICAL and WELL THOUGHT OUT facts and you're the fucking Troll. Give me some fucking Tylenol. This is tiresome.
oh no no no no, you can't disagree with perverting hetereosexual characters because that's HOMOPHOBIC BIGOT TEXAS GAY BIGOT.

Who cares if it screws with continuity. Screw that noise, right fangirls. YOU WANTZ IT.

Either way, I plan to stay away from this whole "permanent Ban" business, I am quite done with Multiplayer topics. I wont be posting in them. I'll leave that shit for the sheeps and halo fucktards. Infact, I'll probably be giving up MASS EFFECT 3 general discussion for awhile. Atleast until all the Multiplayer shit is done. God knows I've seen enough inane multiplayer discussions to last a Life time.

That means, I'll be focusing on the Romance section. I've been neglecting this section lately. Mostly to preserve my sanity but I've already lost that. Time to delve and purge the non-thinkers. I understand that this is Ladies territory now and I'm expecting nothing but the worse.

As your Flaming Messiah, It's my responsibility to try.


  1. I always thought it was hilarious how Anti-MP fans are the ones who recieve the bans for the slightest or even nonoffensive actions, while the Pro-MP..."fans..." are allowed to blatantly harrass anyone who doesn't agree with them.

  2. Well, this got about as much attention as it deserved. Maybe 1-2 comments more than necessary but I won't complain.

  3. *Facepalm at Zeel*

  4. "They are allowed to slander you, with hate terms. Bigots, homophobes, racist, sexist, every label that shouldn't be used lightly. "

    I've gotten those names more then a few times thrown at me for saying how I disagree with S/S in ME3 among other things. I'm the bad guy for expressing an opinion that the masses don't agree with! They throw insults into my face and all I tried to do was express my opinion in a well thought out way. Makes me rage. I know how you feel when it comes to the above, because those assholes on BSN are so thick headed it drives me insane.

    Still no reason to rage like a bat shit crazy person on the forums. Just keep arguing your point in a logical manner while making them look like the idiots and it works out well enough. The sane people see your point while the morons do what they do best.

  5. I'm on BSN all the time. Alot of those people could use a thicker skin. In a way, you're doing them a favor.

  6. BSN is such a shitty forum.


    A) The people who go there just to bug the shit of people
    B) The people who get flamed because their opinion is different from the "OMG BIOWARE GREATEST GUYZ EVAR" faggots
    C) Fags that defend Bioware till the end no matter what they do.

    C needs to be removed from the face of the Earth.

  7. You fucking nerd, get a life.

  8. lol @ ^

    who are you to call someone a nerd - considering the fact that you most likely browse BSN

  9. Enjoy your ban Queen Zeel!

  10. the BSN is a shitty place full of pretentious dicks but still though zeel takes his shit way too fucking seriously

    in fact zeel is equally as pretentious and annoying as anyone on that forum

  11. haha just get over it zeel mate

    stop acting so butthurt and sitting on your 'high and mighty' throne

  12. yeh get over it zeel.

    I don't like the pretentious jackasses eit her but your on a whole different level of worse

    Your like the angry Christian who insults and hates all non believers and disrespects them and acts like a complete jerk off

    Or the dick seven year old atheist who goes around calling people idiots and telling them Christmas isn't real and thinking he is superior

    the funniest part is your content and happy with acting this way and this comment won't change you in the slightest, have fun being a miserable insignificant dick who probably had a shitty childhood or has a shitty boring life

    if you are actually a troll (very unlikely) though then I applaud you and you are a king among trolls for trolling me

  13. LMAO, sorry to double comment but I just saw a previous blog post of yours criticizing and insulting pretentious people

    how hypocritical...you think you are above everyone else and try to impress others by saying shit like 'BUT U GUYS WILL LERN U LESSONS' or 'IAM UR PRINCE ZEEL WHO KNOWS ALL AND WILL TECH U AND LEAD YOU INTO THE LIGHT FOR U ARE ALL SIMPLETONS'

    I know I'm just flaming you like you want me too but still, I think there is truth to what I'm saying (unless your trolling and don't mean any of the things you say/only half mean them)

    Also if you act the way you do on the internet in real life i bet you've never had a girlfriend or will ever have one ;_;

  14. make an alt account zeel man, show those pretentious idiots how idiotic they are

  15. My dear bestie Zeel,

    Your trolling was easily interpreted as an actual opinion early on. That's why you got so much rise to begin with (Though I suppose I was singing "Troll" even then. Sorry, takes one to know one).

    But really, your main problem now is including "Zeel" in your name. By now at least 2-3 people looking at any thread you post in will scream "Troll" just at the sight of it.

    Looking forward to your revised flame-starting,

    -DoNotIngest, BSN

  16. Your blog is filled with copious amounts of pathetic. You're the archetypal PC-gamer,a ne'er-do-well with an unnecessarily high opinion of yourself... and likely psoriasis, somewhere in that amalgam of attributions. Enjoy your BO and cheetos-fingers. Cheers.

  17. You're a terrible person.

    You're bad, and you should feel bad.

  18. "You're the archetypal PC-gamer,a ne'er-do-well with an unnecessarily high opinion of yourself"
    No he isn't. He mentions he plays on a console.

  19. zeel, i really hope you are just the greatest troll on the internet.

    if not then you are the most butthurt person I have ever seen and you should know that even /v/ fucking hates you (they don't know who you are but I keep them updated with all your Escapist threads)

    christ, I hate Biodrones too but I hate you even more

    Same with how I hate a-log more than Chris-Chan and I hate certain atheists more than Christians

    btw some people on /v/ are intending to dox you but they might have been bluffing (I doubt it, one was a tripfag)

    1. I don't even know what this fucking "v" thing is. Keep that shit for treehouse discussions.

      And tripfag? What age is this? The medieval age? you sure talk like a pretentious cunt.

  20. also I wonder if under your angry buttsore self you actually have any talent...

    If you do then you should use your talent to actually make rage free non-pretentious constructive feedback for Bioware

    From the sounds of your escapist posts your just some pissed off angry pretentious atheist who has a really shit life or is an ungrateful piece of shit with mommy and daddy issues lol

    1. Keep wiping Bioware's Ass, Biobot. I'm sure they're real impressed with your contributions.

      My criticism doesn't have to be constructive, it can be whatever the fucking hell it wants. ITS MINE.

    2. Calm down there Gollum.

  21. fun fact for you: ME 3 multiplayer is actually fun.

    1. No it's not. You do not get to lie on my Blog.