Zeel the Great.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm Back, Your Bloody Messiah

I feel..

I know! That my purpose is to educate and lead my soldiers into divine retribution. I have been slouching off my abilities for awhile now and for that I apologize. I've asked myself many times why do I put up with idiocy? I've come to the.. revelation..that.. I am some what like Jesus.. I was born to suffer for your sins. However, I consider myself better than Jesus, so I'm not going to do that bleeding on the cross crap.

I am going to one up God, I am going to turn your sins into virgin heaven gold. I've debated with myself.
"Why rejoin that shitfactory?"
"it's boring as hell and you know it, Mr Awesome"
"and they can't flame for knickers!"
"and the bans, Zeel, the bans."
"do I have to explain to you how many IP's you've jumped through? ALOT"
"you bleed for them and they never appreciate you for the beautifully kind and sweet guy that you are."
"are you so fond of the word "troll" that you will literally seek out their chastisement?"
"what do they do for you ZEEL? ask yourself that!"
"it's not worth it bro."
"please.. don't get heartbroken again"

I hear you inner Zeel, I truly do and you've done me great justice all my life. When Selmin presented me those naked pictures of Nonie. You were what told me to spam them. When I asked myself is "this too sexist?" you told me nay. I trust your judgment, Zeel, but when the sheep have grown unruly, the Sheppard must tend to their flock.

I am back to flaming. I've been I guess warming up over at the Bioware forums and dear god, I miss it. Nothing is more fun then dropping a few posts and watching the topic become BLAZING. I make topics important, that's the facts. I also make forums important, everyone knows that. It was selfish of me to leave you losers to your mediocre flamers. I'm back now, ready to flame it up. I probably will do a Ragnarok Server but who knows.


  1. Perhaps if you didn't flame people you would not get banned.

    1. Life is not worth living if I cannot flame.

    2. Than you don't have any right to get mad at the moderators for banning you from different sites.