Zeel the Great.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why I can't take Fanboys Seriously

I can't begin to describe how much I hate fanboys of any kind. I use to debate between myself which I hated more, fangirls or fanboys. On one side, fangirls tend to pervert characters with their yaoi erotica bullshit. On the other end, fanboys tend to defend anything.

You know when America dropped that bomb on Hiroshima? Fanboys were there defending it. Fanboys are piglets, plain and simple. They act like little porkers so desperate for their entertainment, they'll take anything given to them. Even utter filth.

For example, this whole Day one DLC debacle for Mass Effect 3. Now, just to inform the less nerdier people out there (semi-spoilers, btw) Theres this big fucking heavily lore related character being removed from Mass Effect 3. Unless you pay 10 bucks.

Now, I like to think, I've had a few controversial opinions in my day, but I thought this issue was a done deal. Who in their right mind would defend a companies right to pilfer money from their customers?


Fanboys would defend this ! and this is where I fucking lose it. What moron lays down and ALLOWS, NAY, DEFENDS the right of a company to ream them up their ass? I thought I had a realistic view of the world before I ran into fanboys. We are selfish, we look after our needs first and thats our nature. Fanboys strive against this very principal, they want to be taken advantage of. THEY want to empty their wallets over at EB games. I can only pray that the social selection weeds you vermin out like the DNA trash that you guys are. You aren't worth five cents let alone this rant, but you'll get it, you shitheads. By god if you guys want to fuck up the world, you're going to fight for it.

I know you just want to buy the game, fine. Shut the hell up and get it. Don't come into topics/threads or discussions and defend it because YOU FEEL BAD about supporting this bullshit. Set your fucking ego aside. THats what it comes down to, these fuckwits want to feel better about being raped in their assholes. Whats worse is they never can defend it properly. I've been monitoring the thread over on BSN and surprise surprise, the Bioware loyalists are at maximum power.
"OMGO ENTITLED" If I have to hear some little shit call it entitlement one more time, I swear to god you will hear about me on the news after I beat that pompous assholes brains out.


this quasi-dice-and-slice-bullocks that Bioware is pulling is without defense. It is deplorable. If you're going to pretend you're a company thats about story and the RPG experience, then start acting like it. Stop holding content for hostage. People were already going to buy your game at fucking insane numbers, why do you NEED to squeeze that last penny? So intent to get that extra dollar, you would HACK AWAY pieces from the game for it? So you can buy another yacht? Fuck you Bioware, you guys almost as bad as EA games now. I hope in 4 years when they shut your asses down you can remember this debacle and hang your head down in utter shame, because you would deserve it.

It's like thinking is unacceptable when you become a Fanboy. You have to set aside reason and logic and in its place; fanaticism.

I mean this when I say it. People who defend this practice disgust me to my very core. Because it wont be long before these loyalists are defending DLC's that complete the game. We are just one step away from that ridiculous situation and I know there will be Biobots defending it.

I still defend your right as a consumer. even if you're going to make it fucking impossible.