Zeel the Great.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Tsk tsk tsk Escapist. I thought you better.

See, I know what you did and I'm not impressed.

This was weak and a pathetic attempt. You really couldn't just wait until I "slipped" up. You had to go and FRAME me? What is this? Fucking Scooby Doo?! I'm just a man for god sakes. You people are like freaking out and just losing your complete shits over a FEW me3 threads/posts. Are you serious? What am I? Count fucking Dracula to you people? Seriously, I feel like I'm in the twilight zone where up is down! Left is Right! Red is Blue! The birds don't sing and presenting logical and coherent arguments are frowned on!

And FYI BILL GUY THE SCIENCE GUY or the jackass who was impersonating me. I don't use stupid phrases like "butt-hurt" and I wouldn't start off a sentence with "my name is Zeel". or use silly teenage girl phrases like "TOTALLY" Who do you take me for? A prepubescent girl? Thumbs down to this impersonation, you didn't even fucking try. They just slapped my name on an account and called it a day.

It's like being a legendary warrior who's triumphed against dragons, goblins, hoblins and all sorts of evil fanboys to ONLY be taken out by some little imp poisoning my drink! It's a ridiculous and an unfitting end. It is utterly beneath me. I deserve much better. I don't even get to go out in a FUCKING FLAMING blaze! FOR FUCK SAKES You guys are the uptmost scum to rob me of my OWN banishment. I can't even choose how I get banned? And you call me the troll?

This is worse than trolling. This is robbing a man's identity and integrity for some silly BADLY done cheapshot.

This is a travesty. A piss poor impersonating travesty.

Had you guys tried atleast to do a better impersonation, I would have chuckled and said "they got me" but NO. You had to bumble through this like the inept retard that you are.

Here I was being a nice guy about everything and letting you discuss how to get me banned ON MY OWN FREAKING BLOG and still you had to be a fucking bastard about this! I mean, right, how flexible and understanding was I? Did I not let you assholes rage and attack me, and whine and bitch and wail, and yell, and scream and throws a huge tantrums DAILY on escapist and on my blog. Did I not let you do that? Was I not being flexible? How many times have I reported you little pups when you guys clearly deserved it? Not once!

The worse part is that I actually felt sorry when some of you guys got warns for trying to provoke me. Why, I have no idea, obviously my sympathy is wasted on this pathetic bunch.

It boggles my mind that someone would even go through such pathetic lengths. Everyone knows I'm going to get banned eventually, you really really couldn't just wait? Was I that bad? Honestly? I mean I read my posts as of late, and they are the most water-downed, shredded to bits posts I've ever produced. It doesn't even feel like ME anymore, and people are distraught about that? For what? cause I said your silly game sucks? Well it does mate, IT DOES. AND SHOUT OUT TO RJ17! YOUR ARGUMENTS ARE PATHETIC. OMG OPINONS ARE ALL VALID EVEN IF BASED ON ABSOLUTELY NOTHING CREDIBLE!!! HUK HUK! you deserve to be dragged out of your house and set on FIRE!

I am just gravely disappointed with Escapist and whoever the impersonator is.

You couldn't even take me out like a man.

And you know what wounds me the most? Not the banned. Its the fact that anyone would think I'd produce such a SUBPAR post. "OMG TROLL WIT ME GUYS" really guys? someone believed this? THAT'S WHAT GNAWS AT ME! That someone on this planet thinks Zeals and KING MIGHTY ZEEL is the same person. That just, the cosmos are out of balance somewhere! I AM NOT ZEALS. Is this not OBVIOUS? Jesus christ, some of you are daft.

P.S. do you know any troll that goes around bragging on forums while they are STILL trolling? I trolled back in my youngin' days. (No I don't troll anymore) It goes without saying, that admitting your crime before you're caught would be the STUPIDEST move anyone could pull. And beneath me. I do not need to gloat. That's what my blog is for.

But proof for the unbelievers. I wont even use the email from the moderators detailing the real reasons I was banned. I think my evidence speaks for itself.

Links mentioned (Screenshots in order)

fact wouldn't release IP's = different IP's.

asshole trying to set me up on my own blog. The nerve of you guys.

Even Keele figures it out.