Zeel the Great.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Zeel The Great. I am marvelous.

Zeel the Zealous! zeel the great!
is there not a game on this earth you don't hate?
your anger rightous and so pure
the idocy of others you will not endure!

you will fight this crusade, in the night and the day!
to destroy the evil tyrant EA!

Zeal the Zealous, Zeel the great!
will save us all from this awful fate!
logic and civility be damned!
for he is most Zealous in all the land!

Mass effect, a religion, with its army of drones!
the false god of Bioware you shall dethrone!

Zeel the Zealous! Zeel the great!
his weopons his wit! his fierce debate!
though others may mock, cast you out, an exile
your rightousness your courage, they cannot defile

though your heart becomes weary, you will travel this land
to find a place to to call home, to make your stand

Zeal the Zealous, Zeel the great!
a matyr for all.......may be his fate
for they did not listen, they have lost their way
their homes and their games..destroyed by EA

the exile wanders, and preaches the way
and he hopes in his heart he will see the day
of peace for all gaming....hope that it isnt too late
for he is our greatest hero, Zeel

the Zealous

The great 

Credit to Vault101 from Escapist/Destructoid.


  1. faggy

    y dont u ask that guy to marry u?

  2. This really really sucks.

    1. What about my magnificence builds such jealousy in my enemies?

      Simply get over it guys.

  3. dude your a jerk and no one likes you