Zeel the Great.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Zeel visits the Barn and meets animals.

My journey to find a forum where I am accepted had a little pitstop.

destructoid forums. Pitstop is kind of an exaggeration, it was more like a pissing behind a barn or something. Honestly, there were three alarm bells that went off in my head in the first 10 minutes.

1. The fact that some little grammar DOUCHE bag was just roaming free was my first warning sign. I can't get over how pompous he was. I made a joke by spelling armor, "armeur" and he JUMPED on it like some grammar vulture asshole. "OH NO ITS ARMOR AGGGGGGGH"
Honestly kid? Do you think you are the only guy in the universe who can spell words correctly? You didn't think for one second that perhaps the CAPS and exclamation point had some sort of significance? I mean, that just kills me. That's how you know you're dealing with a pseudo intellect, when everyone else can detect the joke but the GRAMMAR DOUCHE KING can not. That was all I needed to know about that little schmuck.



 Me flouncing him badly.

2. The second sign was the the gargantuan amount of crappy inane forum games.  Was it too much to expect that a gaming site have an entire section dedicated to actual game discussions. Apparently, only trivial and petty USELESS forum games get their own section! YAY! I mean, what could be more fun that rating someones avatar for 100 pages straight? It's like they get off on being intrepid morons. 

3.  Not using the gaming section to discus gaming, instead, GET THIS, there was  ONE ULTIMATE thread, doved "OFFICIAL _INSERT GAME HERE_ thread" where all the discussion were to be jammed pack in. Apparently there just isn't enough kb for gaming discussion yet plenty of virtual space for riveting discussions like "whats your favourite color?".

After these three signs I should've just blown the hatch, to be honest, but I wasn't banned, so whatever. Might as well give it a shot.

That changed today of course. See I essentially had the AUDACITY to challenge a moderator on a topic and when I posted "I'll leave when I'm ready". That apparently was his invitation to start waving his flaccid moderator dick around. Seriously, the internet does strange things to otherwise normal people. Give them a lick of power and watch their minds implode. I can just imagine him just getting off on his own action.


Please, the irony is so delicious though. I  mean, here, I am posting a very harmless L4d2 topic, looking for players and maps and of course i get completely railed by the TurboKill (actual forum name) Brigade. It's time like this I have to look inwards. What can I have possibly done to summon such dislike even when posting a very TAME and NICE topic. It boggles my mind sometimes.

These peasants just SPAM my thread with their crap and so I told them to piss off. How am I in the wrong for that? Someone explain that to me?

Like honestly, me being me, I know a thing or two about being a badass douche, but I was just ASKING FOR FUCKING LEFT 4 DEAD MAPS! There was absolutely NO NEED for that hostility

There was only a couple of forum members I liked; Usedtabe, The Virgin Queen and someone else I forget their name. I found their posts amusing. Virgin Queen especially, she was funny in the "oh she's trying to flame me again, how fucking misguided and adorable" way. (A for effort girl. My invitation for l4d2 still stands.) Every other attempt I found boring.