Zeel the Great.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Take me to Church


Been abit hasn't? Um, I'm not sure what's left to say at this point. I know my blog isn't popular enough to really require this.. but I'm someone who needs closure.. And I guess, thats whats gonna happen right now.

The blog will stay up, its harmless, but I'm done posting, done trolling, done flamming, done really wasting life on the internet in general. Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with spending a sunday evening browsing youtube cat vids but I'm kinda over doing it to excess. I've had fun, and I can tell by you coming back here (after almost 2 years of no posting) that you had fun too.


Was I troll? Did I really believe in all that crazy shit? Am I a basement dweller loser with no gf, with terrible acne.

Well.  I wasnt a troll in the sense that I didn't believe in what I was saying.. but i was a troll in the way that I went about spreading my opinions. I went out of my way, to make my simple opinions as abrasive and obnoxious as possible, cause I liked to argue and thats the best way to generate attention.

No, I'm not a loser. I can now confidently say that, I'm in school, have a part time job, living with my mommy and I got a cute ass girlfriend (Who will never find out about this blog) Though, as anyone whose spent alot of time on the internet, it hasn't always been like that. It's been some soul searching and personality building to get there.

How am I in real life? Well, to be honest, pretty similar, alot more toned down. I have gotten in trouble for "stirring shit" and being abrasive and I can be a real asshole, but I am pretty funny outside of all those faults. I honestly, don't feel those traits are bad.. just takes some getting use to.

I am not in anyway homophobic, racist, sexist.. I am at times, transphobic and generally introlerant of religion extremists.. but thats it for my ignorant-ism, they are generally few and far between.

The title is from a song by Hozier, "Take me to Church". Go listen, you might like it.